October releases worth the excitement - final installment

This is the fourth and final installment of my highlights of October cookbook releases. My first, second and third installments shared some wonderful titles so be sure to go back and read those posts after you are finished here. There is also a link at the bottom of this post to my cookbook giveaway roundup - be sure to enter those giveaways before they expire.

Mozza at Home
 by Nancy Silverton is a book that is a no-brainer - Silverton is a must-have author. The award winning chef and owner of six restaurants in two continents, found little time to cook for family and friends as she was so busy cooking professionally. A visit to Italy to rejuvenate her spirit found her enjoying the country's abundance of produce and soon she was cooking for pleasure. The book is beautifully arranged with 19 menus packed with easy to follow recipes and following each menu - there is a two page photo spread of the dinner table with those dishes. Recipes for Glazed Onions with Agrodolce, Polenta Cake with Buoni Topping, Croissant Bread Pudding with Creamed Spinach and Ham, and Baked Japanese Sweet Potatoes with Fried Sage Leaves and Bacon - offer a varied range of dishes that are accessible for all levels of cooks.

French Country Cooking by Mimi Thorisson is the follow up to the blogger's first title, A Kitchen in France. Just as stunning as her first, this book is packed with photographs taken by her husband, Oddur, of the food and countryside with far less of the family than the first book. Thorisson has substance to back her style and beauty and I, for one, will not begrudge her sharing photographs of her beautiful home and family when she delivers recipes such as: Guinea Hen Ravioli, Black Peppered Filets Mignons with Cognac, Mimolette and Comte Mac and Cheese, and Plum Pain Perdu. Thorisson's France is perfect, serene, spilling over with bountiful tables of food and is what dreams are made of, at least my dreams.

The Cultured Club by Dearbhla Reynolds shows how to turn simple ingredients into superfoods using one of the world's oldest methods of food preservation. This title from Ireland begins with a brief history of fermentation and a guide to maintaining gut health, you will learn basic fermentation techniques using simple ingredients and discover numerous recipes for sauerkraut, kimchi, kefir, condiments, dips, tapenades, breads, nut cheeses and tonics that promise to restore vitality. Learn the simple art of fermentation, enjoy its delicious, vibrant flavours and watch your health flourish.


Provence to Pondicherry by Tessa Kiros takes us on a fascinating journey across the globe to explore French culinary influences in far-flung destinations. Her journey begins in Provence, where Tessa first fell in love with French food, and explores the Mediterranean region's links between the indigenous ingredients, flavours, materials and traditions. She then takes the path of early French explorers, travelling to the island of Guadeloupe in the Caribbean; Vietnam in South-east Asia; Pondicherry on the Bay of Bengal, India; La Reunion, a French island in the Indian Ocean; finally returning to France and landing in Normandy, where the cuisine is so different from the South of France. In each destination, Tessa delves into the history and culinary traditions of the country (or region), discovering how French cuisine has become embroiled with local ingredients and traditions. The result is an intriguing collection of recipes that will appeal to all those with a broad interest in food and culture. Tessa Kiros' titles are treasured cookbooks in my collection and this latest release from the U.K. will surely find a spot.

Sicily: Recipes from the Pearl of Southern Italy by Katie and Giancarlo Caldesi is a visual feast of Sicily's rich history. Sicilian food has Italian as well as Greek, Spanish, French, and Arab influences. The authors immersed themselves in Sicily's diverse food scene. Starting in Palermo, the couple discover exciting street food that features tasty Arancini (rice balls stuffed with meat sauce and cheese) to lesser known gems such as Panelle (garbanzo bean fritters), and Sfincione, a thick Sicilian pizza, topped with tomatoes, onions, anchovies, and casciocavallo cheese. In Trapani, they try a fish couscous and then head to Noto, where almonds dominate in some memorable desserts, including a classic Semifreddo and a refreshing Almond Granita (served with fresh brioche, for dunking). No Sicilian cookbook would be complete without Pasta Alla Norma (pasta with tomatoes and eggplants) and the classic, ricotta-filled sweet delight Cannoli. This couple write beautiful books and this release from the U.K. is no exception.

Spoon: Simple and Nourishing Breakfast Bowls by Annie Morris and Jonny Shimmin shares over 50 delicious breakfast bowl recipes to start your day off. Featuring a variety of granolas, mueslis, and porridges, Annie and Jonny share their tried and tested recipes that give you a reason to jump out of bed in the morning. Utilizing simple, good-quality ingredients, each recipe has a rich, luxurious flavor and is also packed full of antioxidants. These recipes require little preparation and are specifically designed for on-the-go mornings. Woven throughout are interviews with chefs and owners of independent coffee shops all over the world who provide their own tips for the perfect start to any day. This title is being released in the U.K.

The Mix by Liora Bels, a specialist on healthy eating and wholesome living, offers vibrant, simple, and healthy everyday meals, that are rich in wholesome, natural, fresh ingredients and easy to make. Scrumptious smoothies, nutritious spreads and dips, tasty soups, bowls, and even sweets and treats are offered. Beautiful imagery allows a glimpse into a holistic lifestyle and Liora's inspiring sense for aesthetics. The Mix, released in Germany this month, is a treat for the eyes and taste buds and not exclusively for the health-conscious reader.

Italian Street Food: Recipes from Italy's Bars and Hidden Laneways
 by Paola Bacchia from Smith Street Books is a stunner. Dazzling photographs of the streets of Italy and her people fill this book. I love books that focus on street food and I was thrilled to learn of this title this month. Panzerotti, Suppli al Telefono con Ragu, and Pan di Ramerino are a few examples of the recipes. And then there is the chapter devoted to sweets: gelatos, fried doughnuts, cookies and more. This title is a trip to the streets of Italy, its neighborhood bars and gelato shops without needing a passport. 

Cin Cin Wood-Fired Cucina by Andrew Richardson is being released in Canada this month celebrating the 25th anniversary of the famous CinCIn Ristorante + Bar. This title focuses on fresh, local ingredients that are allowed to shine in recipes. Showcasing the restaurant's wood-oven cooking techniques and filled with spectacular photographs, each ingredient is highlighted by section. With recipes for Fried Zucchini Blossoms - Montasio, Goat Cheese and Parmesan with Arugula and Red Radish; Spaghetti al Ragu - 6-hour Bolognese, Veal and Pork with Pancetta, Parmesan; and Red-wine-braised Short Rib of Beef - Braised Carrots and Cannellini Beans - this is elevated restaurant cuisine that has been crafted for our home kitchens.

There are many other titles that will be covered in features in the next few weeks: The London Cookbook, The Short Stack Cookbook, The Gourmet Kitchen, The Adventures of Fat Rice, A Recipe for Cooking, Classic German BakingCurate  and more. And It's almost the end of the month again - time flies when you are collecting cookbooks - the monthly roundup will cover them all. And don't forget to enter the giveaways

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