Gourmet Traveller turns 50

 Australian Gourmet Traveller

Fifty years ago last February, the first edition of what would become Australian Gourmet Traveller magazine appeared on newsstands. To celebrate a half century of celebrating Australian food culture, the magazine has issued a 'virtual reprint' of its inaugural magazine, when it was known as The Australian Gourmet Magazine

The magazine notes that a lot has changed since its inception. They note that they "no longer address readers as "my darling girls". Nor would we recommend prawns on ice, or prescribing glazed wing rib of beef as "the way to his heart", they continue. Major graphical changes have occurred along the way as well. 

In an era where magazines frequently fold, it's refreshing to see a food publication celebrate such longevity. While our index doesn't go back to 1966, we have indexed almost every issue of Gourmet Traveller since 2010, so you can browse the magazine and learn more about it. Recent issues have had averaged about half of the recipes available online. 

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  • Jenny  on  10/29/2016 at 3:12 PM

    I want them all!

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