Jamie Oliver's controversies over the years

Jamie Oliver cookbookJamie Oliver recently landed in hot water with Spaniards  when he put chorizo into a paella recipe. The outspoken chef is not afraid to say what's on his mind, and that often makes people angry. Food Republic has compiled a listing of all the times that Oliver has stirred up controversy.

Most of the dustups that the chef has gotten into with others don't involve adding an ingredient to a sacrosanct recipe. Usually it's something Oliver has said about the food industry or people's eating habits. For instance, when Oliver visited a beef processing plant in South Dakota, he called the product that they made "pink slime" and worse, causing the company to sue him for defamation. However, the statement had an impact, leading to a nationwide boycott of the "lean, finely textured beef" that the company produces.   Seventy-five school districts in the Los Angeles area have refused to let Oliver film in their schools following comments he made in his television show Food Revolution about the unhealthy lunch options provided to school children.

Although many of Oliver's controversies have been away from his home country, he's not immune to criticism from UK residents. Adele had a few choice words to say about his initiative promote breastfeeding in England. Despite all of the blowback, Oliver continues to preach his message about healthy eating and produce more popular cookbooks. Has any of the uproar regarding his statements changed your opinion of the chef?  

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  • AmateurCAinOR  on  11/13/2016 at 10:50 AM

    Changed my opinion of the chef. His zealous "charge!" on instituting elitist food taxes all but cuts the legs out from under anyone actually TEACHING their children well. Slights fellow Britains as being mentally incapable. (I don't follow his life events; did he suffer a heart condition that set him off on this tirade?) Set a good example, Jamie; that's the best measure you have to give.

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