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 Fingerling potato salad

While exotic, expensive ingredients can make a dish shine, some mundane, even cheap, foodstuffs transcend their humble origins. Take the potato, for example. It's equally at home in breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and the forms it can take are myriad. You can dress potatoes up for the fanciest dinner party, but a simple baked potato also pleases the palate. Epicurious celebrates the potato's prowess in its list of top rated potato recipes.

You can see the versatility of the potato in the collection of recipes chosen by Epicurious readers. The textures range from crispy (latkes) to soft (mashed) to chewy (gnocchi). Both hot and cold dishes are popular, and all mealtimes represented. Seeing this list got us to thinking about which potato recipes were favorites of EYB Members. A quick glance at the Library shows that, just like the Epicurious list, the favorites here are diverse. With thousands of delicious entries to choose from, it's hard to whittle down to a short list of favorites, but we gave it a shot. Here are ten of the most popular online potato recipes in the EYB Library:

Roasted potatoes with garlic, lemon and oregano (Patates riganates) from The Foods of the Greek Islands
Fingerlings vinaigrette with sieved eggs and pickled celery from The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook
Gratin of shredded potatoes with ham and eggs and onions (Râpée Morv Andelle)  from Mastering the Art of French Cooking, Volume I 
Scalloped potatoes with blue cheese and roasted garlic (Gratin de pommes de terre au bleu et à l'ail confit) from My Paris Kitchen
Warm parslied new potato salad from The Washington Post
Roasted potatoes with caramel & prunes from Jerusalem
Crispy potato cake with garlic and parsley from Bon Appétit Magazine
Hasselback potato gratin from Serious Eats
Baked French potatoes from Jamie's Ministry of Food
Roasted potato salad with mustard-walnut vinaigrette from Food52


  • Jenny  on  11/14/2016 at 6:41 PM

    My son and I love potatoes - my husband not so much - going to be making Raghavan's Kung Pao potatoes this week.

  • lgroom  on  11/14/2016 at 6:53 PM

    And I'm going to be looking forward to eating Raghavan's Kung Pao potatoes this week!!

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