Alton Brown announces internet cooking show

Alton Brown EverydaycookFans of Alton Brown have mourned his departure from the Food Network, but now they have something to cheer them up. In a live chat on Facebook on Saturday, Brown delighted his audience by revealing that he will be soon starting a new internet cooking show.

The new program will allegedly be called "A Cooking Show", and it will be a sequel to his popular program Good Eats. Brown decided not to try to put the show on television for two reasons, the first of which is that he wanted freedom to do what he wanted without worrying about "what a larger corporate entity might or might not want." He listed several subjects that the Food Network wouldn't let him cover, which included cooking game like rabbit and venison, and working with offal. Brown also said he would be using a digital scale in his cooking. He warned fans that they would have to become proficient in using one, and was adamant that he would be using metric measurements, because he "hates fractions and hates decimals", stating that "grams is grams."

The second reason for placing the show on the internet is that he wanted to be able to respond to his fans' requests. In Brown's hour-long Facebook chat, he proceeded to do just that: notepad in hand, he scribbled down subjects that his fans were writing in the comments. One of the topics was "more steaks" - to which Brown replied that he would be interested in working with meat other than beef. Another topic was yeast breads, and Brown promised to bring back the "yeast puppets" that he killed in an episode of Good Eats. While no exact timeline was announced, Brown said the new show will debut sometime next year.

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  • FireRunner2379  on  11/3/2016 at 1:41 PM

    Alton is one of my favorite chefs, I love his personality and the way he explains food preparation.

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