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You know how useful you find Eat Your Books? How about sharing that benefit with all your friends and family who love to cook? Gift certificates are available for one, two and three year memberships. And every gift certificate you buy between now and Dec 31 will enter you into a drawing to win one free lifetime EYB membership – you will never have to pay a membership fee again!

Also, please remember to link from EYB before making any purchase on Amazon. We earn a small affiliate fee for every purchase made in the next 24 hours after you click a Buy Book link. The more income we make, the more books we can index!

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This promotion is now over. The lucky winner of the lifetime membership was XXOOL. But don’t forget, EYB gift vouchers can be purchased all year round – perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, wedding presents, Mothers Day and more.

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  • anightowl  on  November 24, 2016

    I just bought a certificate for a friend, and since we have previously talked about EYB I'm not 100% sure she doesn't have a membership (I don't want to ask her so close to the holidays and tip my hand). If she already has an active membership will the certificate work for her renewal? and if so, should she wait for her renewal time to enter the code? Thanks!

  • Jenny  on  November 24, 2016

    anightowl – email me – with your friend's name/email and I can check to see if she has a membership.

  • Jane  on  November 25, 2016

    anightowl – if your friend does have a membership and wants to use the gift certificate for her renewal, make sure she cancels the recurring payment (done from her Account page, accessed from the drop-down menu under username at top right). Next time she uses the site after her membership expires she will be directed to a renewal screen and can enter the gift voucher code. Her Bookshelf data is all safe if her Account expires – we only ever delete a member's Account if they explicitly ask us to do so.

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