Ten kitchen habits to try for 2017

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As 2016 draws to a close, many of us will look back and assess the year, perhaps making resolutions for 2017. If you are inclined to do so, and if any of your resolutions involve cooking, you may want to check out The Kitchn’s 10 small kitchen habits to try in 2017

Even though it’s touted as a list of 10 habits, it’s actually a list of 10 of their favorite articles about the subject, so you end up getting bonus habits! Some of the habits are very discrete tasks (making double batches on purpose to have meals that are just heat-and-eat), while some are more philosophical (keep learning new things). 

One of the articles focuses on a very small item: the heels of bread. It offer five reasons to never throw away the heels. Some seem obvious, like turning it into breadcrumbs, while others may be less familiar (using the bread as a thickener in soups and stews or using it to soften brown sugar). You’ll also discover reasons why you need a ruler in the kitchen (a measuring stick, not a king or queen), smart habits that lead to healthier breakfasts (I need to read that one thoroughly), and new ways to use whole grain mustards. 

Even though it isn’t on any of the lists, I have a goal or two for the kitchen next year. I want to improve my boring breakfasts, for starters. What’s on your list to do more, better, or differently in the kitchen next year?

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  • FJT  on  December 21, 2016

    Over the last 2 years I've set goals to cook more new recipes and have achieved this, but I noticed recently that I am still not using all my cookbooks to best effect … so 2017 is the year that I sit down with those cookbooks I have never cooked from and rectify the situation. In the main they are books that aren't yet indexed on EYB and therefore don't appear in my search results! Some are books that we inherited or were gifted that we may never cook from … but I need to understand why they aren't used and decide whether to keep them or index them! I should probably also make a resolution not to buy any more cookbooks, but that would be setting myself up for failure.

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