A gingerbread dream house

gingerbread house One endearing holiday tradition is the making of gingerbread houses. They represent some of the best parts of the season: gathering friends and family, making things together with your children, and (my favorite part) filling your kitchen with the smell of gingerbread. Most of us construct basic little houses, decorating them with candy canes, gumdrops, and powdered sugar snow. Then made a jaw-dropping gingerbread structure   

She spent 340 hours making her latest creation, beginning her planning in April, and ending with an 870-mile drive to display it. All of her hard work paid off: she won the 24th Annual National Gingerbread Competition held in Asheville, North Carolina. What’s even more amazing is that this was her first time entering a gingerbread competition.

Müller discusses her awe-inspiring “Dream House” with Bon Appetit magazine. Her inspiration was the work of painter Daniel Merriam. She says “He does the most beautiful, magical architectural paintings. I see his art and always wonder, ‘Could I do that in a cake?’ I thought this was the perfect opportunity to see.” Click through to Bon Appetit’s website to view full-size photos stunning house.

Photo from indexed magazine Bon Appetit 

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  • mfto  on  December 24, 2016

    Around 1980, one of the "Ladies Magazines" published full-size patterns and directions for making a simple one-room gingerbread house. This began a Christmas tradition of making gingerbread houses with my daughters and their friends and then continued years later with their children. I simplified directions for real-life gingerbread house construction. My gingerbread houses were for decoration only. The only casualty was a new family pet who managed to climb up on a table while we were away from home and when we returned, we found a very ill dog. Not sure he every figured out what he did wrong.

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