Is this the next big US regional cuisine?

  You will be forgiven if you have never thought of Appalachian cuisine in a favorable light - or at all. But many chefs are taking a look at what one person has called 'America's own cucina povera,' likening the state of Appalachian foods to that of Tuscan cuisine in the 1980s.  The foods of central Appalachia - a region… read more

Revisiting a cherished children’s classic

Only a few cookbooks can stand the test of time. While many works fade away, there are a few that continue to inspire decades after they are published. One of these is  Australian Women's Weekly's Children's Birthday Cake Book. For decades, Australian children have chosen to celebrate with a cake from one of book's whimsical designs like the train or… read more

From rule breaker to baker

  Even the most experienced cooks can be intimidated by the thought of baking. Off-the-cuff improvisation and editing - essential in cooking - can be disastrous to baking endeavors. That was something that kept food writer Kathy Gunst from doing a lot of baking. She explained to The Washington Post that "for someone who prides herself on being a bit… read more

Gluten free magazine gets nationwide distribution

  Gluten Free Forever, aka GFF, a popular San Francisco magazine, is poised for nationwide distribution beginning with its spring 2016 issue. The magazine's founder, San Franciscan Erika Lenkert, wanted to expand the magazine's impact, so she reached out to the Meredith Corporation, one of the country's largest media and marketing companies. Even though she got transferred to the wrong number,… read more

Easter egg history

It's not really a mystery why eggs were chosen to represent rebirth at springtime. Decorated eggs during the season are part of a tradition that predates the Christian religion. NPR's The Salt delves into the symbolism and beauty of Easter eggs, including pysanky, the gorgeously decorated Ukrainian eggs. While most traditions involved colored or simply decorated eggs, psyanky designs are… read more

Featured Cookbooks & Recipes

Finding the best recipes amongst the millions online is not easy - but you don't have to! The team here at Eat Your Books, searches for excerpts from indexed books and magazines and every week we bring you our latest finds. Every day recipes are added from the best blogs and websites. As a member, you can also add your… read more

The secret to better frying

  Creating the perfectly crisp french fry or golden brown piece of crunchy fried chicken can be frustrating. How to ensure that the food is properly cooked inside while maintaining a good crust is a challenge. Many factors go into creating perfect fried foods, but one technique can make the difference between good and great, says NPR's The Salt. Double-frying… read more

Eggs-traordinary Easter cocktails

  Easter is not a holiday known for its cocktails. Some mixologists are trying to change that, creating a bevy of unusual drinks with an Easter theme. Many of these beverages require a lot of advance planning and more than a little imagination. Take the team behind Portobello Road gin, which has created the Not Cross Bun Gin Martini. They… read more

Author interview – Klancy Miller

Klancy Miller is a writer and pastry chef. Following her graduation from Columbia University, and a stint in international development in French Polynesia, she earned a Diplôme de Pâtisserie at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. After apprenticing at the legendary Michelin-starred Taillevent restaurant, she was hired by Le Cordon Bleu Paris to edit recipes. She wrote about food for "Bonjour… read more

Cookbook giveaway – Cooking Solo

At a time when 31 million American adults live alone, Klancy Miller is here to show that cooking for one is something to embrace. Her new cookbook, Cooking Solo, tackles the challenges of cooking for one. While making single servings from other cookbooks means doing a lot of math or being stuck with leftovers, Cooking Solo gives readers just what… read more

Author interview – Marisa McClellan

Marisa McClellan is a full-time writer, teacher, and blogger at Food in Jars (three times nominated by Saveur magazine for a Best Food Blog award, and winner of Best of Philly from Philadelphia Magazine). She lives in Philadelphia with her husband. Marisa's blog is indexed on EYB, as are all of her cookbooks, including the just released Naturally Sweet Food in… read more

Cookbook giveaway – Naturally Sweet Food in Jars

You could say that Marisa McClellan has a thing for canning. The award-winning blogger and author has written extensively on the subject, and her work has appeared on several sites including The Food Network, Saveur, and Food52. In addition, McClellan has written several acclaimed cookbooks including the recently released Naturally Sweet Food in Jars: 100 Preserves Made with Coconut, Maple,… read more

March 2016 cookbook roundup

Every month Jane and Fiona wade through hundreds of cookbooks, selecting and reviewing all the best new releases of U.S., Canada, U.K., Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand cookbooks. The only thing left for you to do is to add them to your Bookshelf. March is the month for cookbook competitions and, not surprisingly, a corresponding upswing in the number of… read more

The authenticity trap

When people look for a restaurant - or a cookbook, for that matter - from a specific country or region, the question of authenticity often arises. You might hear someone ask "Is it real (Mexican/Chinese/Thai/etc) food?" But to think that way is to acquiesce to a stereotype, says Phoenix Times reporter Minerva Orduño Rincón. Rincón discusses the phenomenon as it applies to Mexican… read more

A new creation for Macaron Day

  Today is Macaron Day, and in honor of the special event, pastry chef François Payard has invented a new treat: the Macaronut. It's not quite a mashup in the mold of Dominique Ansel's Cronut, but instead the texture of the filling is made to resemble that found in a donut. The outside of the treat is made of the… read more

Writing for the radio

You may have heard Kathy Gunst on National Public Radio's Here and Now, a live news magazine show broadcast to over 500 public radio stations in the US. Recently Gunst spoke with Dianne Jacob to explain how writing for the popular radio program differs from writing for print.  Gunst knows a thing or two about food writing: she's the author… read more

From blog to book to building

  There are nearly 300 million blogs in circulation, according to Tumblr, and a great many of them are about food. The most successful food bloggers go on to secure book deals, like Deb Perelman of Smitten Kitchen, Heidi Swanson of 101 Recipes, and Joy Wilson of Joy the Baker, among others. According to Eater, a handful of high-profile bloggers are… read more

Featured Cookbooks & Recipes

Finding the best recipes amongst the millions online is not easy - but you don't have to! The team here at Eat Your Books, searches for excerpts from indexed books and magazines and every week we bring you our latest finds. Every day recipes are added from the best blogs and websites. As a member, you can also add your own… read more

New live streaming food channel launches

If you long for the days when content-focused cooking shows ruled the Food Network, you may want to try out a new streaming service that is creating a channel dedicated to food. Twitch, known for its video game streaming, recently announced that it would "begin curating a growing supply of live video related to food" into a new channel called… read more

James Beard Foundation 2016 nominees

  The James Beard Foundation has just announced the nominees for its 2016 cookbook awards. Compared to the recently published IACP list, the JBF award nominees seem to align better with the preferences of EYB Members. More Member favorites made the latter list than the former, including The New Sugar and Spice by Samantha Seneviratne, A Bird in the Hand by Diana Henry… read more

What it’s really like to write a cookbook

If you've co-authored five cookbooks with five different chefs, writing your own cookbook should be a piece of cake, right? Not so, says Jessica Battilana. She has worked with temperamental chefs and tight deadlines before, but writing her own cookbook proved to be a much more difficult task. Writing a cookbook with chefs meant Battilana had to act as a… read more

It’s not too late to celebrate pie day!

  If you write your dates in the US convention (month/day/year), then today is a very special day. This is as close to the numbers of pi, the mathematical constant, as we are going to get for another 100 years. Rounding the first six digits of pi results in 3.1416 - exactly today's date. Rounded date, round pie - it's… read more

Top Chef winners: where are they now?

  Top Chef is nearing the end of its 13th season on the Bravo network and shows no signs of slowing down. It's hard to believe that the first winner was crowned nearly a decade ago. If you've ever wondered what happened to the winners of each season, Yahoo! Food has the answers. The first season saw Harold Dieterle best… read more

Eat well and enjoy every bite

Nettie Cronish is a natural and organic foods chef, culinary instructor and cookbook writer. She is the author of several vegetarian cookbooks, and for the past 25 years has also been a culinary instructor teaching cooking classes  throughout Toronto and Ontario, Canada. Nettie also teaches corporate cooking classes and works with dieticians. When working with one of those registered dieticians,… read more

Cookbook giveaway – Nourish

The authors of the new cookbook Nourish: Whole Food Recipes featuring Seeds, Nuts & Beans created the book after discovering a mutual love for beans. The duo, Nettie Cronish and Cara Rosenbloom, felt that  nutritious and inexpensive legumes, along with seeds and nuts, are often underutilized in everyday cooking. Since those ingredients offer a positive nutritional impact that belies their… read more
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