New live streaming food channel launches

Julia Child

If you long for the days when content-focused cooking shows ruled the Food Network, you may want to try out a new streaming service that is creating a channel dedicated to food. Twitch, known for its video game streaming, recently announced that it would "begin curating a growing supply of live video related to food" into a new channel called Twitch Food.

Twitch kicked off the service with a four-day marathon of all 201 episodes of Julia Child's "The French Chef." The new channel focuses on low-budget live-stream cooking shows and home videos about elaborate dishes and falls under Twitch's newly formed 'Creative' section which aims to "draw attention to live streams from graphic designers, musicians and other artists."

Some content providers are going all in, like Christine Ward, who quit her tutoring job to prepare and produce five live streams per week on her CookingForNoobs channel. Christine "peppers her shows with singing and dancing routines and symbolically honors new subscribers with paper flowers in her kitchen."

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