Sensational sour cream

 borscht salad

Sometimes we overlook basic ingredients in our quest for the new and exotic. The good news about forgetting how good an ingredient is that you can have fun rediscovering what made them kitchen staples in the first place. That's what Ruth Reichl is doing right now with a basic dairy product - sour cream. Her Twitter feed has featured the humble ingredient in a series of tweets.

The most recent tweet involved a posting photos from a 1939 cookbook that she has been savoring, Fit for a King, which is a collection of recipes from Merle Armitage. Reichl calls Armitage "the Benjamin Franklin of LA modernism," and notes that in addition to being an art collector and passionate home cook, his first love was typography. The book, not surprisingly, is gorgeous and includes illustrations in addition to wonderful Art Deco fonts. Reich gives us a sneak peek into the vintage cookbook and shares a few recipe from the book's "mini theme" of recipes highlighting sour cream.

One of her favorite sour cream recipes is the Borscht salad (à la Fergus Henderson), pictured above, from her recent cookbook, My Kitchen Year. You can find more great sour cream recipes in the EYB Library, including these favorites:

Sour cream sandwich bread from The Guardian The Guardian by Dan Lepard  Caramelized onion dip  from by Martha Stewart Living Magazine
Sour cream pastry from Maggie Beer's Summer Harvest by Maggie Beer 
Roast pork with braised red cabbage and horseradish and sour cream mash from Cuisine Magazine by Celia Harvey
Sour cream coffee cake with brown butter glaze from Joy the Baker Homemade Decadence by Joy Wilson

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