When margaritas attack

  Ah, summertime. What could be better than sipping margaritas by the pool, enjoying a Southside on the deck, or imbibing a non-alcoholic Cherry-lime cooler in the garden? But these carefree moments could prove painful, because all of these refreshing summer drinks and others that contain lime juice can leave you with a nasty burn if you're not careful. Apparently… read more

Featured Cookbooks & Recipes

Do you find other people's comments on recipes helpful? Have you written your own recipe Notes? It's a great way to remind yourself how a dish turned out and share your experience with the EYB community. On each Recipe Details page you'll find a Notes tab. Adding online recipes to your EYB Bookshelf is a really great way to expand… read more

Of cakes and copyrights

You may remember an interesting cookbook from a few years ago, Modern Art Desserts, that featured art-inspired cakes from the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) by baker Caitlin Freeman of the Blue Bottle Café, housed in the museum. Freeman's café lost the contract with SFMOMA following its renovations in 2013. But the art-inspired cakes have remained, much to… read more

Tips on using mint in cocktails

  Few cocktails conjure summer like refreshing mint juleps and mojitos. Both drinks prominently feature mint, which adds a bright note and brings the liquor-heavy cocktails into balance. Properly using mint in cocktails is both an art and science, according to Hendricks Gin ambassador Charlotte Voisey and Chicago barman Peter Vestinos, who shared their best tips for making the most of mint… read more

The foods you will always find in Anthony Bourdain’s kitchen

Anthony Bourdain's new cookbook, Appetites , comes out this fall. The subject matter in this book could hardly be more different than his earlier novels or even his Les Halles Cookbook. Appetites is a family cookbook, something that even the 59-year-old Bourdain couldn't have imagined several years ago, as he explains in a recent interview. He notes that family life… read more

Review of Nanban by Tim Anderson

During the summer of 2010, Tim Anderson impulsively applied to compete on MasterChef, the popular UK culinary competition show, thinking he had little chance of hearing back. But hear back he did, and in 2011 he was declared the youngest winner of MasterChef at age 26. Anderson states he won partly due to his souped-up ramen with porcini-infused pork broth… read more

Not-quite-desert-island kitchen tools

Chefs, food writers, and other culinary authorities often make lists of must-have tools that should be in everyone's kitchen. Usually indispensable tools like chef's knives, spatulas, mixing bowls and other workhorse items are featured on these lists. There are, however, tools that might not make the "desert island" status of these inventories yet are still cherished pieces that we would… read more

The search for a better supermarket tomato

  Few tastes rival that of a garden-fresh tomato: its sweet, juicy flesh bursts with intense flavor. By comparison, run-of-the-mill supermarket tomatoes are almost always a bitter disappointment. Their bright color belies the insipid flavor and cardboard-like texture that lies within. But in the last several years, growers have been searching for ways to improve the taste of supermarket tomatoes,… read more

Why Roman food is hot right now

  There is no shortage of Italian cookbooks - we've all fallen in love with the cuisine of Tuscany, Sicily, and other Italian regions. But until just a couple of years ago there were no books dedicated to the foods of Rome. That has recently changed, with the publication of several cookbooks highlighting Rome's unique cuisine. Diana Henry explores why… read more

Food to your ears

  From shows dedicated to recipes, ingredients and how-tos, to others exploring the science, history, and fun in eating, there is an exciting world of food-related podcasts. Our friends at Cookstr produce a fantastic weekly podcast featuring a delightful mix of cooking tips from several highly-regarded cookbook authors such as Pati Jinich and Abigail Johnson Dodge. The program also features… read more

Featured Cookbooks & Recipes

At Eat Your Books we want to bring you the best recipes - our dedicated team searches out and finds online recipes excerpted from newly indexed cookbooks and magazines. New recipes from the best blogs are indexed daily and members index their favorite online recipes using the Bookmarklet all the time. Below you'll find this week's recommendations from the EYB… read more

Britain’s top 50 influencers in food

  If you think back to 'who's who' lists in the food world pre-internet, celebrity chefs, cookbook authors, television personalities, and a handful of food industry executives dominated the rankings. Some of those people are still there, but the most recent list of UK's top 50 influential people in food also features several social media and other digital stars from… read more

National Doughnut Day’s unique history

Once again a national (US) "food holiday" is on the horizon. Friday, June 3 is National Doughnut Day, but it isn't just another arbitrary food holiday cooked up by a commercial enterprise - this special day has roots that go back almost 100 years. According to a press release by Krispy Kreme, National Doughnut Day's origins stretch back to 1917,… read more

General Mills issues recall of flour

  Before you bake that loaf of bread or batch of cookies, you should check your flour. If you are using Gold Medal flour, it may be subject to a recall. Yesterday General Mills announced a voluntary recall of over 10 million pounds of flour, stating that it was working with health officials to investigate a possible association with the product and an outbreak… read more
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