Gordon Ramsay's list of 'must-know' dishes

roast chicken 

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay recently participated in a Reddit AMA in connection with the launch of his new mobile game. As one would expect in an AMA ("ask me anything") the conversation veered away from promotion of the app, allowing fans to get a glimpse into the mind of the sometimes controversial chef.

A Reddit user named Tortoist asked Ramsay what five things the chef thought that everyone should be able to cook. The list included several items that you would expect, including the first skill that Ramsay thought was essential: how to cook a great burger. The second item on Ramsay's list was how to make a healthy breakfast. "Whether it's poached eggs, smashed avocado, or an amazing omelette. Now that is crucial!" he wrote.

Other 'must-know' skills were how to make a good chicken dish and being able to make a braised dish. The last item on the chef's list was the ability to make an amazing dessert. "It could be a Blondie or a Chocolate Brownie, something you can give as a gift," Ramsay said, noting that giving a food gift allows you to share the moment with a friend or family member.

I agree with most of Ramsay's recommendations, like the ability to cook eggs well and make a delicious dessert, but I might change one or two of the others. The ability to make a spectacular soup would rank higher on my list than a great burger, for example. If you were making a list of items that everyone should be able to cook, what you would put on it?

Photo of Roast chicken with chickpea stuffing and big green salad from Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Home Cooking by Gordon Ramsay

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  • juazella  on  7/10/2016 at 9:35 PM

    I would say that everyone needs to know how to cook a pasta dish over a braised dish. You'll get way more use out of pasta dishes than braised dishes (at least in my house)

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