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Finding the best recipes amongst the millions online is not easy - but you don't have to! The team here at Eat Your Books, searches for excerpts from indexed books and magazines and every week we bring you our latest finds. Every day recipes are added from the best blogs and websites.

As a member, you can also add your own favorite online recipes  using the Bookmarklet. With EYB, you can have a searchable index of all your recipes in one place!

Happy cooking and baking everyone!


From blogs:

Plum Squares with Marzipan Crumble from indexed blog Smitten Kitchen



From AUS/NZ books:

2 recipes from Byron: Cooking and Eating by Steven Snow, indexed by an EYB member



From UK books:

1 recipe from The Yellow Door: Our Story, Our Recipes by Simon Dougan, indexed by an EYB member



From Irish books:

3 recipes from The World of The Happy Pear: Simple, Exciting, Delicious Food for a Happier, Healthier You by David & Stephen Flynn



From US books:

3 recipes from One Pan, Two Plates: Vegetarian Suppers: More Than 70 Weeknight Meals for Two by Carla Snyder


2 recipes from Easy. Whole. Vegan.: 100 Flavor-Packed, No-Stress Recipes for Busy Families by Melissa King


9 recipes from Naturally, Delicious: 100 Recipes for Healthy Eats That Make You Happy by Danny Seo


6 recipes from Clean Soups: Simple, Nourishing Recipes for Health and Vitality by Rebecca Katz & Mat Edelson

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