Palestine on a Plate

Palestine on a Plate is a beautiful cookbook written by Joudie Kalla, an accomplished Palestinian chef. In this vibrant book, she showcases food from her mother's kitchen with ingredients that were used by generations before her. 

Interlink Publishing is donating half of the profits from the sale of the US edition of this cookbook to support the Nablus-based Palestinian House of Friendship. The publisher has committed to raise the $150,000 needed for the purchase of a permanent home. There is also a UK edition, published by Jacqui Small.

Please visit the Palestine on a Plate website to learn more about this cause. We can help by purchasing the book and spreading the word.

I am especially enamored by cookbooks that bring the world closer together and this one brings the food of Palestine to our kitchens. The photographs are vibrant and inspiring. Fattet Hummus, a traditional breakfast hummus, Batata Harra, spicy cilantro and garlic potatoes, and Fatayer, spiced meat parcels with pomegranates, are examples of the savory recipes contained within the pages of this must-have book. The Sweet Tooth chapter delivers recipes for Tahini Brownies, Lemon and Rose Doughnuts and many flavor-filled cakes and other desserts.

Palestine on a Plate will have a special spot on my cookbook shelves and hopefully on yours.

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