Foods only a native could love

 roast haggis

All around the world, cultures and countries have foods that are beloved that are considered disgusting to outsiders. These delicacies may inspire native eaters - at least some of them - but non-natives often can't wrap their tastebuds around them. Business Insider magazine takes a look at 22 countries and their unique dishes.

The list is provided in alphabetical order, with Australia leading off with, as you may guess, Vegemite. The salty, yeasty paste isn't the only item for Australia, however. The meat of animals that some people consider adorable, like kangaroo or alpaca, is also popular in country but off-putting to outsiders.

While most of us know about Vegemite, the foods of some countries is less familiar. Cameroon, for example, enjoys palm weevil grubs. These are the larvae of a beetle species that feeds on - and kills - palm trees. Mexico also has insects for its entry on the list. Chapulines, a type of grasshopper, are often served fried in tacos, either whole or ground. They're also served as snacks in Oaxaca province.

Other items from diverse countries also share similar characteristics. For instance, raw meat mixed with spices can be found in both Germany, where raw ground pork is popular, and Ethiopia, where the popular snack kitfo is made with beef. Offal also factors into offerings on the list. Scotland's haggis includes heart, lungs and liver, while lampredotto, consisting of the fourth stomach of a cow, is a popular street food in Florence, Italy.

Do you enjoy the food of your country that is on this list? I admit I've never tried Rocky Mountain Oysters, which is one US food that is off-putting to outsiders. But I also think that almost anything is tolerable when deep fried, so I might try them if offered.  

Photo of Roast haggis from The Telegraph by Carolyn Hart

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  • sir_ken_g  on  9/4/2016 at 2:08 PM

    I have eaten quite a few of these. My list includes: Philippines Balut (fertilized duck egg) Aso Sena (dog stew) Diniguan (Pork stew with blood) Durian France Sea urchin Escargot (snail) Spain Blood sausage Squid Japan Sushi Nato Korea (almost) live octopus US Alligator Head Cheese (jellied brain/tongue/etc) Sweet breads (thymus) Frog legs UK Haggis Peru Llama Guinea Pig Laos Water Buffalo River weed Iceland Hákarl- fermented shark Dulse – seaweed Rúgbrauð – steamed rye bread flatbrauð – flat rye/wheat bread Hangikjöt – smoked lamb Skyr – similar to Greek yogurt China Century eggs UK Vegemite Marmite

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