How eating habits are changing in Australia

 breakfast salad

We’ve reported on changing food habits and food trends on the blog before, but most of the stgories have been about US consumers. Now we will turn our sights to Australia, and find out if the trends we’ve seen in other places are holding true down under

The changes do seem to reflect those found elsewhere. Australians are eating less meat and more fruits and vegetables, echoing what is happening in the US, Canada, and the UK. Whether it is a concern about personal health (stories have linked meats to cancer, especially red meat and cured meat products), or thoughts about the health of the planet (a lot of resources, including large amounts of water, go into making a pound of beef), people seem to be turning more to vegetables and fruit. 

More Australians are reaching for “on-the-go” foods and drinks. Justin Nell, from the global market research company Mintel, jokes that people want items that are easily eaten with one hand for “the simple reason that their other hand is holding their mobile phone.”

Retro foods are becoming more popular in Australia, just as they are in other areas. People are embracing more traditional, time-honored products like kimchi, kombucha, and sourdough breads, says Mr. Nell. Another recent trend is of cutting back food waste. This lines up neatly with the trend of consuming less meat, in that there is an environmental consciousness component to it. 

Photograph of Breakfast salad from Australian Gourmet Traveller Magazine 

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