Now that's a sweet hamper

Sweet hamper

Sweet, the cookbook from Yotam Ottolenghi and Helen Goh, is already a sensation. If you have been on the fence about ordering the book, there is something that might push you over the edge: The SWEET Hamper, offered through the Ottolenghi website. 

In addition to a signed copy (UK edition) of the cookbook, the hamper includes several ingredients to help you make some of the book's recipes. There's Gianduja, used to make the Hazelnut crumble cake with gianduja icing, and Mixed candied peel used in the Chocolate panforte with oranges and figs. You'll also get orange blossom water, date syrup, freeze dried strawberries, and spices such as mahleb.

There's also equipment included in the hamper - a Bundt cake tin to make Prune cake with Armagnac and walnuts, a thermometer, and a striped kitchen towel. The hamper itself is covered in the same swirl pattern as the book jacket, and can be used for storage after you've used the ingredients. The hamper ships worldwide, and orders will be dispatched beginning October 16. This would be the perfect gift for someone who loves to bake - or just to keep for yourself!

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