Thieves in Hawaii are targeting SPAM


It's probably fair to to say that no one loves SPAM® more than Hawaiians. About 6 million cans of SPAM are eaten each year in the state, an average of 5 cans per person. Recently, that fondness has led some people to commit a dastardly crime: Hawaii is currently experiencing a spate of SPAM thefts

As romantic as it sounds, it may not be SPAM lovers who are stealing the product. Local law enforcement agencies suspect that people are stealing it, along with other canned meats, in order to sell them on the black market, in return for drug money. Because the thefts are so rampant, stores are beginning to put SPAM behind lock and key. 

SPAM is produced about 50 miles to the south of where I live, but it was only last week that I visited the SPAM Museum for the first time. It was fascinating and kitschy in a good way. I had no idea there were so many flavors of the product, nor how popular it has become. One gentleman loves SPAM so much he changed his middle name to Ilovespam, and he got married in the museum's atrium. I do not share his enthusiasm for SPAM and haven't eaten it in decades, a situation that is unlikely to change. Are you a fan of SPAM?

Photo of Canadian Spam with macaroni and olives from Lucky Peach Magazine

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