Saveur Blog Award winners announced

 Saveur blog awards

The 8th Annual Saveur Blog Awards were announced last evening in Charleston, South Carolina. In each category, awards were given to the choices made by the editors at Saveur and by readers in the online polling. A heartfelt thank you to everyone who voted for the EYB blog during the nomination process; your support means the world to us. 

Now on to the winners. The Blog of the Year award went to StrangerTalka photographic journal by Eloise Basuki and Leigh Griffiths, which "aims to tell the travel stories that aren't being told - the stories of locals passionately fostering their history and traditions, of recipes and crafts being passed down from generation to generation, and capturing the day-to-day moments that exist within any community." Griffiths and Basuki gave up their jobs in Sydney to travel around the world to search for "real experiences with real people."

StrangerTalk also nabbed the Editors' Choice award for Best Travel Blog. Readers selected the blog potato chips are not dinner, written by food-loving flight attendant Paulina Farro. Paula shares recipes, illustrations, and stories about the people, places (and, of course, food) she encounters in her travels. 

Blogs Cardamom and Tea and Chicano Eats nabbed Best New Voice awards by the editors and readers, respectively. Cardamom and Tea, helmed by Kathryn Pauline is dedicated to Assyrian food. With recipes like Crispy lentil and carrot salad with quick-pickled lemon and Sheetpan kirtopie, it's easy to see why her blog rose to the top of the rankings. Esteban Castillo created Chicano Eats after noticing a dearth of Latino representation food blogging.  Esteban "strives to create visibility, educate and provide context behind authentic dishes, and also strives to redefine how people in the U.S view Mexican food, presenting dishes with a very vibrant and minimalistic treatment."

In the Obsessives category (which we were vying for), the Editors' Choice award went to Let's Taco Bout It, which is a blog "for people who love literature and creative meals." Every month, the blog features a book used for inspiration to create delicious recipes. The readers chose The Necro-Nom-Nom-Nomicon, all about "putting the "gore" in gourmet." The dark website includes plenty of foods that fool the eye, resembling things like spiders, skulls, worms and more. If you are planning a frightful Halloween party, you should definitely check out this site. 

Other categories included Baking, Style and Design, Food Instagram, Podcasts, Food & Culture, Inspired Weeknight Dinners, Food Blog Photography, Drinks, and Food Video. See a complete list of winners here, and learn more about all of the finalists and winners at Saveur

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