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 Blackberry mousse

Indexed blog Great British Chefs has only been around for a few years, but it has made a big impact. Now the popular website is putting together cookbook featuring recipes from the blog as well as new recipes. There is one catch - it is only available via Kickstarter, and the campaign ends in just 21 days. 

The website features recipes from some of the top chefs in the UK, such as Marcus Wareing, Nathan Outlaw, Anna Hansen, Tom Aikens, Pierre Koffmann, and over one hundred others. In addition to fabulous recipes, the site offers in-depth articles, photo stories and how-to video guides. The forthcoming cookbook will contain 100 recipes (although if they hit their first strech goal - which looks likely - they will add 10 additional recipes).

The cookbook will include recipes currently available on the website as well as ones yet to be published.  If you are a backer, you get to weigh in on what recipes should be featured. Pledges start at £12 for a digital copy. A single hardbound edition can be yours for £20, and there are additional rewards such as having your name printed in the book, all the way up to a private dinner next July (£1,500). You can even have your very own recipe printed in the book for £600. 

It sounds like the site's developers love cookbooks as much as we do. In their campaign description, they say that "Cookbooks line our shelves and we give and receive them as gifts. We love flicking through their pages, rediscovering old friends and new ideas and over time they develop characters of their own as they become covered with notes and the odd splash of sauce!" 

If you want a sampling of what might be in the book, browse all the chef recipes and blog recipes from Great British Chefs - nearly 4,500 recipes are indexed on EYB.

Photo of Blackberry mousse from Great British Chefs - Chef Recipes by Victoria Glass

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  • marcsch  on  11/13/2017 at 10:28 AM

    Love david tanis. Damn you for making me buy another book :)

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