You've never seen a gingerbread house like this


I've posted some incredibly detailed gingerbread houses on this blog - one displayed at the White House in 2015, and last year a gingerbread dream house. Each time I think "how can anyone top that?" yet each subsequent baking season brings another show-stopping house.

This year I may have found one that just cannot be outdone. It came to my attention from indexed blog The Kitchn, and it is truly awe-inspiring. Made by the extremely detail-oriented bakers at London-based cookie company  Biscuiteers, this gingerbread house is built to resemble Waddesdon Manor, which was built in the late 1800s for Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild's art collection

The UK's National Trust commissioned the work over a year ago. Since then, Biscuiteers' bakers have been hard at work, recreating several rooms in the 19th century manor, down to the food on the tables and the art on the walls. The house took over 500 hours to create and contains 475 pounds of icing. If you visit Waddesdon Manor, you can view the gingerbread house there. It is on display at the manor until March 19th.

Photo credit: Biscuiteers

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  • Cconnie  on  11/26/2017 at 6:38 PM

    Love this site.

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