Cook Book Stall in Philadelphia is closing

Cook Book Stall

Our list of favorite cookbook stores around the world is again getting shorter. The Cook Book Stall, which has been a fixture of Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia for 35 years, is closing down on December 29.

Current owner Jill Ross, who purchased the store from original owner Nancy Marcus, has helmed the spot for the past 15 years. While she says that pressure from online booksellers has made it more difficult to stay in business, that's not the only reason she is closing up shop. "Mostly, I am just ready to move on and I'm ready to try something new," she said. "I've been here 15 years. I think that's a good run for any business."

Ross and her then-boyfriend moved to Philadelphia in 2002, and while shopping at Reading Terminal Market she noticed a "help wanted" sign at The Cook Book Stall. She thought it would be a good way to occupy her time until she finished school or decided on her next move. After working there for a year, she purchased the business.  The next adventure for Ross will involve growing her dog-walking business, and becoming licensed as a personal trainer. 

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