Corrections and Notes for the Americanized version of Sweet by Yotam Ottolenghi

We are baking our way through Sweet over at the Eat Your Books club which we created just for this special book.

As some of you may know, the Americanized version has some errors with regard to conversions and temperatures (only the books that have the Fig pavlova on the cover as shown on the right). The errata sheet has been set out at the bottom of this post. To make things easier I have uploaded a Word document with these corrections to our Eat Your Books group. You can download, print and store the errata sheet in your book by following this link.

Here are instructions directly from the publisher with regard to obtaining a corrected copy:

Please accept our sincere apologies for the errors in your copy of “Sweet” by Yotam Ottolenghi. If you would like a refund or a replacement copy, please send your name, complete street address, city, state and zip (please no P.O. Box address permitted) to this email address:

You will also need to include a proof of purchase by sending us the following:

  • Photograph of the back of the book, which includes the barcode
  • Photograph of the copyright page
  • Photograph of your receipt

If you have a signed edition, please include with your one proof of purchase, a photograph of the page with the author’s signature. If you have received this book as gift or have thrown out the receipt, please email us with regard to same. 

If you prefer by mail, send your printed photographs and your shipping address to:

Penguin Random House
Attention: Sweet-Customer Service
400 Hahn Road
Westminster, MD 21157

We expect to ship all replacement requests in April. Please call our Customer Service Department at 800-833-3000, if you have an additional questions or you can email us at

Again, our apologies for the error and any inconvenience this may have caused you.

When I stated to Ten Speed Press and Helen Goh, that I would be sharing this information with our community, Helen stressed that this is only for the Americanized version (US/CA) – the UK version appears to be problem free save for a minor typographical error or two. Sweet was chosen as number one cookbook in the world for 2017 and I, totally agree with that distinction, despite the errors in the Americanized version which are being addressed responsibly.

For those who may not be on Facebook, the errata document reads:

SWEET: Updates and Corrections

Oven Temperatures and Baking Times

Due to differences in the convection ovens commonly used in the UK and the conventional ovens typically used in the US, some temperatures may need to be adjusted slightly. Although individual ovens can behave very differently, we suggest the following temperature and time updates: 

PAGES 19-20, CUSTARD YO-YOS: Preheat oven to 325°F/170°C. Bake cookies for 25-30 minutes.

PAGE 26, CHOCOLATE CHIP PECAN COOKIES: In step 5, preheat the oven to 375F°/190°C and bake the cookies at that temperature. 

PAGE 27, CATS’ TONGUES: Bake at 375°F/190°C and use two baking sheets.

PAGES 76 AND 78 SAFFRON, ORANGE, AND HONEY MADELEINES: Bake at 375°F/190°C for 10 minutes.

PAGE 173-175, LOUISE CAKE: Preheat oven to 300°F/150°C; in step 3, increase oven temperature to 325°F/170°C and, in step 6, leave oven temperature at 325°F/170°C.

CHEESECAKES: (updated 12/22)

PAGES 201-202, LIME MERINGUE CHEESECAKE: Decrease oven temperature to 325°F/170°C and increase baking time to 20-25 minutes.

PAGES 203 AND 205, WHITE CHOCOLATE CHEESECAKE: Decrease oven temperature to 325°F/170°C and increase baking time to 60-70 minutes.

PAGES 207-208, PASSION FRUIT CHEESECAKES: Decrease oven temperature to 325°F/170°C in step 1, increase baking times to 25-30 minutes for individual cakes and or 60-70 minutes for one large cake.

PAGES 209-210, BAKED RICOTTA AND HAZELNUT CHEESECAKES: Decrease oven temperatures to 325°F/170°C in step 1 and to 350°F/180°C in step 4, and increase baking time to 20-25 minutes if using a muffin pan.

PAGE 213, FIG, ORANGE, AND MASCARPONE CHEESECAKE: In step 4, decrease oven temperature to 325°F/170°C.

PAGE 216, CHOCOLATE BANANA RIPPLE CHEESECAKE: In step 1, decrease oven temperature to 325°F/170°C and after step 3, decrease the oven temperature to 300°F/150°C.

PAGE 219, APRICOT AND AMARETTO CHEESECAKE: In step 6, decrease oven temperature to 325°F/170°C.

PAGES 221-222, ROASTED STRAWBERRY AND LIME CHEESECAKE: In step 5, decrease oven temperature to 325°F/170°C and in step 7, increase baking time to 55-60 minutes.

PAGE 263, ROLLED PAVLOVA: In step 1, bake at 375°F/190°C; in step 3, decrease oven temperature to 350°F/180°C and bake for 32-35 minutes.



PAGE 42, GINGERBREAD TILES: Step 2 now references baking soda, as per ingredients list.

PAGE 46, ORANGE AND STAR ANISE SHORTBREAD: Butter = 1 cup plus 1 1/2 tbsp/250 g.

PAGE 137, BUTTERNUT, HONEY, AND ALMOND TIN CAKE: “nut-free” symbol removed from legend.

PAGE 187, LEMON AND POPPY SEED CAKE: In step 2, use the whisk attachment (not the paddle) and whisk on medium-high speed.

PAGE 241, CHOCOLATE TART WITH HAZELNUT: Flour = 2 1/3 cups/300 g.

PAGE 341, MIDDLE EASTERN MILLIONAIRE’S SHORTBREAD: Tahini in the Tahini Caramel = 2/3 cup/150 g.

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  • smartie101  on  December 22, 2017

    Will I be able to trade this one for a corrected cookbook when they come out? Disappointed with all the corrections/clarifications.

  • Jenny  on  December 22, 2017

    Please read the update smartie101

  • smartie101  on  December 22, 2017


  • kbsteffens  on  December 23, 2017

    Will there be a corrected e-book?

  • Jenny  on  December 23, 2017

    kbsteffens – I am positive there will be – email as instructed

  • eliza  on  December 29, 2017

    I just corrected my Canadian edition and there are even mistakes in the corrections above! The Louise cake is on page 173 in my book (not 175), and for the Passion fruit cheesecakes in pages 207-208 the increase in baking time is in step 6 not step 1.
    Thanks for reporting all these corrections.

  • Jenny  on  December 31, 2017

    Eliza, the Louise cake starts on p. 173 and ends on 175 in the US edition – so I will point that out to the publisher. For the cheesecake, they are instructing us in Step 1 (pg. 207) to preheat the oven to 325 (not 350).

  • ldtrieb  on  January 16, 2018

    I went to the email and they don’t seem to be makes g an e change unless you bought from the publisher. I bought mine when I heard Helen and Yotem speak in LA. I find it hard to believe this is the best cookbook of the year with all these corrections.

  • bacon  on  January 19, 2018

    I am a professional angliciser/americaniser of cookbooks. I have written 20 cookbooks of my own, published in both the UK and the USA. My clients include Costco and most well-known cookery publishers on both sides of the Atlantic. I also translate cookbooks from French, please look me up on Google.

    Josephine Bacon

  • Ruminate  on  January 25, 2018

    Do you know why there are replacements only for the US version and not the Australian version?

  • robinorig  on  January 25, 2018

    The note above says to lower the temperature on the chocolate chip cookies to 180°C but the book says 170°C! What is the corrected temperature in both C and F? Confusing!
    Also, I bought multiple books that I gave for Xmas gifts so I'm sad about all of these corrections.

  • Jenny  on  January 26, 2018

    I am having Ten Speed Press and Helen review this update post today. Then if there are any changes I will report back.

  • Jane  on  January 26, 2018

    Ruminate – these issues are all with the north American editions – USA and Canada. There are not any major problems with the editions published in the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

  • FJT  on  January 27, 2018

    I’d like to know what people who bought the US kindle edition are supposed to do please as these instructions only apply to those who have a physical book.

  • FJT  on  January 27, 2018

    I have emailed them to ask … no response necessary from EYB!

  • Ozma81  on  January 27, 2018

    Hello. Some of the corrections say "preheat oven to . . " and other say "Bake at . . ." Are you saying that the preheat temps are correct and that the oven should be lowered to the corrected temperature once the item is in the oven? Or are you using these interchangeably for preheating temps? Just want to make sure as that can make quite a difference in some of these recipes. Thanks!

  • janeths  on  January 28, 2018

    Thanks for posting this here so I was aware. Corrections penned in!

  • amandacooks  on  March 20, 2018

    Many thanks to the team at Eat Your Books for keeping your members updated on the errata and alerting us to the fact that replacement copies would be available. I requested my replacement copy in late January and received it today. The publisher included a signed bookplate by both Yotam and Helen (even though my original copy was not signed) along with an olivewood spoon. Thank you Ten Speed and EYB!

  • jobbink  on  April 16, 2020

    @jenny I’m late to the party, but I have a copy and it looks like postmaster failed to deliver to this email address. is there another one you can provide me?

  • LD57  on  October 30, 2020

    I’ve only just seen this. Is there something that needs correcting in the tahini halva brownie recipe? I’ve made it a number of times and it comes out VERY gooey! Thanks

  • Jane  on  October 30, 2020

    LD57 – I have only made the halva brownies once and they were very gooey (though delicious). I have the UK edition so there isn’t any issue with conversions in the recipe. So I would suggest baking them for an extra 5-10 minutes.

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