Neapolitan pizza-making achieves UNESCO World Heritage status

Neapolitan pizza

Naples, the city where pizza was perfected, just received major recognition for its world-famous pies. UNESCO, the cultural arm of the United Nations, recently added pizzaiuolo -- the art of Neopolitan pizza-making  -- to its 'Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity'. More than two million people had signed a petition in support of the Italian city's bid for world heritage status. 

Neapolitan style pizza is an art form and watching the skilled pizzaiuoli knead, toss, and twirl the dough is mesmerizing. Only two types of pizza are deemed authentic by the Naples-based Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (True Neapolitan Pizza). The organization only provides its trademark to establishments that make  marinara pizza (tomato, oil, oregano and garlic) and margarita pizza (adding cheese and basil) - no other toppings or flavors are allowed.

In awarding the status, the UNESCO committee stated that "The culinary know-how linked to the making of the pizza, which includes gestures, songs, visual expressions, local slang, the ability to handle the dough, show oneself off and share it is an indisputable cultural heritage."

Photo of Neapolitan pizza from Great Italian Chefs by The Silver Spoon Kitchen

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