Making the most of your ingredients

One of the best parts of Eat Your Books is the ability to fully utilize the ingredients you have on hand. This is especially useful when you are between shopping runs and have limited items available. Just type in the names of the ingredients and you’ll easily find recipes to use them – many times in ways that you wouldn’t have thought of on your own. Don’t forget that you can exclude ingredients, too. This is helpful when you know that the recipes are likely to include something you really dislike (raisins, I’m talking about you). 

Whether you are searching through cookbooks on your Bookshelf or are widening the net to include online recipes from your favorite websites and authors, EYB allows you to be thrifty while still eating well. One EYB Member recently reminded us about this resourcefulness via Twitter, in the cutest photo tweet about our site we’ve ever seen. It was too adorable not to share: 


If you have any questions about ways to search for particular ingredients (or how to exclude them), you can use our support function to learn more. The EYB Forum is another handy resource for posting questions to EYB and Members alike. It’s a great place to share discoveries or learn more about an author, too. 

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