Seeing green for St. Patrick’s Day

 Irish mojito

St. Patrick’s Day is almost here, and that means green foods will be popping up everywhere. Whether it’s sprinkles on cupcakes, green shakes at the fast food joint, or green beer in the bars, a lot of food will be artificially colored for the celebration. You don’t need fake colors to enjoy green food for the holiday, however, as there are plenty of foods that are naturally green.

The EYB St. Patrick’s Day Pinterest board has several interesting green options, especially for dessert. Matcha works wonders in several desserts, including these matcha and white chocolate cupcakes. Another sweet option is basil-mint ice cream, or you can branch out with an avocado pie

For appetizers or snacks, there are many dips and spreads flaunting green hues. Guacamole is always a welcome green addition to the table. There’s green hummus (for those who aren’t purists), and a lovely kale pesto white bean dip

Speaking of pesto and moving to the main course, you can choose from a plethora of green pesto pasta dishes. There’s also mysterious secret green sauce spaghetti. If you don’t want pasta, how about soup? You can’t get much greener than green pea, lettuce and fennel soup. If you want to keep some traditional St. Patrick’s Day foods on the table, why not serve your corned beef with a refreshing, and very green, gremolata?

Raise your glass for a toast with a drink that won’t, um, have any unsual after effects. The last word cocktail from The Kitchn is one option. Mint provides the luscious green hue in the Irish Mojito from RecipeGirl (pictured top). What green foods will you use to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? 

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