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Do you find other people’s comments on recipes helpful? Have you written your own recipe Notes? It’s a great way to remind yourself how a dish turned out and share your experience with the EYB community. On each Recipe Details page you’ll find a Notes tab.

Adding online recipes to your EYB Bookshelf is a really great way to expand your personal recipe collection. You can do this even if you have a free membership!

We’re featuring online recipes from these books, magazines and blogs – check them out.

Happy cooking and baking everyone!


From blogs:

Crispy Quinoa Spring Salad from indexed blog What’s Gaby Cooking



From AUS/NZ books:

1 recipe from The $50 Weekly Shop: How to Buy Groceries for a Family of Four on a Tight Budget by Jody Allen

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From UK books:

10 recipes from Home Cook: Over 300 Delicious Fuss-Free Recipes by Thomasina Miers

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10 recipes from The Saffron Tales: Recipes from the Persian Kitchen by Yasmin Khan

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From US books:

10 recipes from Scraps, Wilt + Weeds: Turning Wasted Food into Plenty by Mads Refslund with Tama Matsuoka Wong

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4 recipes from Scandinavian Gatherings: From Afternoon Fika to Midsummer Feast: 70 Simple Recipes & Crafts for Everyday Celebrations by Melissa Bahen

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