The best of 2017 food photography

 Flowering Tea by Lily Mae Franklin

The 2017 Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year awards were held Tuesday in London at the Mall Galleries. Launched in 2011, the Pink Lady competition is open to professionals and amateurs alike and "celebrate the very best in food photography and film from around the world," according to the organization's website

The categories for the contest are varied and include some sponsored categories, like Marks & Spencer Food Adventures and Food for Celebration sponsored by Champagne Taittinger. Other categories include Cream of the Crop, described as "the very best product shots, from muddy bunches of carrots to a bowl of rice or coffee beans, to a side of beef or a gleaming platter of fresh fish," and Food for the Family, which consists of "images showing families eating in an everyday context, anywhere in the world."

There are special sections for youth photographers, and some of the images submitted there show ability that transcends the age of the participants, as shown in the winning image above, entered in the 11-14 Years category by Lily Mae Franklin (UK). The image is called 'Flowering Tea'. You can view the winners in The Telegraph's picture gallery, and see the finalists on the Pink Lady Website

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