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One of the comments on our Amazon Prime Day reminder post was a suggestion to shop at your local independent bookseller instead of buying online. Here at EYB we do promote specialty cookbook stores in several ways. First, we have a listing of our favorite shops worldwide, plus we list bookstore events on our Worldwide Calendar of Cookbook Events. In addition, we celebrate these stores with our annual lists that we compile with their invaluable input. 

There are many items available at these small shops that you just won't find in any big box store or even online. NYC's Kitchen Arts and Letters recently reminded us about some intriguing, hard-to-find volumes that they carry. Several of the items are imports that you will never otherwise see, like Anarkia, a professional pastry book by Jordi Roca of the world-famous restaurant El Cellar de can Roca. 

Independent bookstores also carry (or can help you find) out-of-print books and magazines, as well as professional tomes that you would have trouble locating on your own. Small shops also employ enthusiasts with a wealth of knowledge that they are eager to share with you. If you provide them with information on your interests and skill level, they are sure to find books that match both your temperament and experience - books that you probably didn't even know existed. 

Now that the hoopla of Prime Day is behind us, we can spend time browsing - and buying - from our favorite local stores. 


  • amc  on  7/15/2017 at 4:01 PM

    Thank you.

  • trudys_person  on  10/7/2017 at 4:07 PM

    Thank you! Sadly, Vancouver lost our indy cookbook store this year - Barbara-Jo's Books to Cooks closed on February 28, 2017. I miss it so much! There is nowhere else in town were I will ever meet my cookbook author idols ... I met Rose Levy Berenbaum there, and Alice Medrich and Madhur Jaffrey ... It's a huge loss to our community.

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