Over 250,000 online recipes indexed

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We are excited to announce that Eat Your Books has now passed 250,000 online recipe links! The number is mind-boggling - over a quarter of a million recipes, from the best websites, blogs, and food writers on the planet, are only a click away. Every EYB Member, whether he or she has a free membership or a Premium subscription, can add any of these blogs, websites, or individual recipes to his or her Bookshelf. 

The breakdown of the 250,000+ online recipes includes:

  • 54,000 recipes from cookbooks - equal to 310 cookbooks
  • 81,000 recipes from magazines - equal to 1,650 magazine issues
  • 83,300 recipes from blogs and websites
  • 31,800 recipes added by Members using the Bookmarklet

Also impressive is the incredible variety of recipes. Taking a quick glance at the first page of recently-added links, you can find everything from How to make your own sprinkles to Bodega okroshka with kefir and pickle brine (Bokroshka) to Bacon and avocado Monte Cristo sandwich with jalapeno jelly to Sparkling strawberry cucumber sangria. There is even a recipe for how to make your own Peppermint vanilla lip scrub! The saying 'everything from soup to nuts' doesn't even begin to describe the diversity of food and drink you can find in the Library. 

Thanks (again!) to our hardworking indexers as well as our Members, who add to our constantly growing treasure trove of recipe links. Keep 'em coming, and happy cooking (and baking and drinking and DIY-ing)!

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