Influential food editor and author Valli Little has died

 Valli Little cookbooks

Once again we have to report some sad news. One of Australia's foremost food authorities, Valli Little, passed away last week after a very private battle with cancer. Author Rick Stein said "@sasstein and I are very sad to hear that our friend Valli Little has died. A peerless food editor for Australian Delicious & a great chum."

After a formal training at the Le Cordon Bleu culinary institute in London, Little embarked on a career as a food consultant and caterer. What she will be most remembered for is her work with the ABC magazine delicious. She edited the highly successful publication since its inception in 2001, and authored several cookbooks, both in conjunction with the magazine and on her own. 

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  • Kirstin_the_Kiwi  on  7/9/2017 at 11:02 PM

    I have quite a few of her cookbooks. They are regularly pulled off the book shelf and used.

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