Friday Flashback - Rose Water & Orange Blossoms

The subject of today's flashback is a beautiful cookbook by Maureen Abood entitled Rose Water & Orange Blossoms: Fresh & Classic Recipes from My Lebanese Kitchen.

In the opening pages of this book, the author shares her journey to building her family story by tracking down and interviewing relatives. She also brings her exciting inaugural visit to Lebanon to the opening pages which was a joy to read.

The design of the book is visually appealing with the lovely colors and graphics associated with this part of the world. The chapters are divided into Flavor Makers, Maza and Salads, Main Dishes, Grains and Legumes, Pastry and Sweets, Breads and Savory Pies, Pickles and Preserves, Drinks, Fresh and Classic Lebanese Menus and Sources.

The Lebanese Vermicelli Rice, Fig and Anise Jam with Walnuts (amazing), and Warm Potato Salad with Lemon and Mint were wonderful and I love Maureen's Savory Pie Dough. There are so many more recipes I want to make - so many books so little time. 

I reached out to Maureen to see what she has been up and to see if there were plans for another cookbook in her future.

Q: Maureen, what have you been doing since the publication of your beautiful book - any  new exciting projects?

A: You asked about any new projects (thank you!): I'm head over heels in love with all of the beautiful spices, Lebanese imported Extra Virgin Olive Oils and other goodness for your pantry and plate at My sister Peggy and I are working on this online boutique shop together in response to all of the inquiries I've received over the years about what spices/flower waters/olive oil/tahini etc. I use myself, and where do I get it all. We're sourcing unique Lebanese oils, and it's such a pleasure sharing the beautiful flower waters and pomegranate molasses from Mymoune in Lebanon. We also sell a heck of a lot of Smooth Hummus Chickpeas, which are dried skinless chickpeas. The best hummus you can make and eat is made with these chickpeas and our never-bitter Lebanese tahini, ultra-smooth and delicious. The spice line is exciting too, with our inventive Mint Salts (dried mint, a favorite Lebanese flavor-maker), za'atar, sumac, sesame, and kibbeh spice.

Q: Tell us more about Rose Water & Orange Blossoms.

Your readers who are interested in a signed Rose Water & Orange Blossoms cookbook can get one directly here. The book continues to do really well, and had such a tremendously welcoming and humbling reception across the country and the world. We are clearly all ready to enjoy the flavors, beauty, health benefits, and deliciousness of Lebanese cuisine, and the culture and stories that bring it all to life!

Q: Are there any future cookbooks in the works?

As for future books: that's a big, happy yes! I'm working on a couple of ideas right now and you can be sure my next book will be another glorious exploration of facets of Lebanese cuisine.



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