At My Table - Nigella Lawson - UK Tour Dates and BBC Six Part Series

The domestic goddess, Nigella Lawson's At My Table: A Celebration of Home Cooking is slated for publication on September 21st in the UK. It seems in our book loving universe, we are always longing or anticipating publication dates. Here in the US, At My Table will be available in the Spring of 2018. Those of us who are not keen on waiting can order from UK book sellers using our BUY BOOK button (Book Depository typically has free shipping and Amazon UK has a minimal charge).

Nigella has scheduled a number of events to celebrate her book in the UK which have been added to our calendar. As things are planned for the US release, I will update you.

Today's Sunday Times published Nigella Lawson: so long as it tastes good, I'm happy where she states "Home cooking is not about impressing people, it's about enjoyment and making memories". In this piece, she shares how certain dishes bring back memories of either her children, family or friends and states that she doesn't feel that anyone should jump through hoops in the kitchen to impress anyone. Her comment about not wanting to hate people that are invited to dinner due to the unnecessary stress we have burdened ourself with - really hit home. All anyone ever wants is a lovely meal and good conversation - I need to remember that. Nigella helps us with that by providing simple recipes with complex flavour - all dread free in this cookbook.

Eight recipes were also excerpted from her cookbook in The Times. I have an account wherein I can view two free articles a week - so for those interested in reading the entire piece you are able to go this route as well. Also, for those members in the UK, the paper has a contest going giving away ten copies of At My Table

More good news, Nigella fans, she will be returning to the BBC with a six part series based on this cookbook this Fall.

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