Alton Brown's big announcement

Alton Brown Good Eats

Last week celebrity chef Alton Brown hinted at big announcement coming out of the DragonCon convention held over the US Labor Day holiday in Atlanta, Georgia. During a panel discussion on September 3, he let the news drop: he will be back on the Food Network next year with a new show called Return of the Eats.

The show will be similar to the hit show Good Eats, with a half-hour format. (Brown snarkily commented that Food Network would have to reduce Guy Fieri's program Diners, Drive-ins and Dives to 7.5 hours of airtime instead of 8.) He also said that they would be filming extra scenes for each show. When you stream the show online, you will be able to see the additional scenes, which we can only assume include more of Brown's trademark kitschy yet scientific explanations.

Brown's legion of fans immediately lit up social media with comments following the announcement. Most were overjoyed to finally get confirmation of what they had hoped to hear, that Good Eats would be returning to the small screen. No firm date was announced during the panel discussion, only that the show would be airing "next year". 

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