Eat Offbeat Cookbook Update


It is hard to believe that a year has gone by since I shared information about a cookbook Kickstarter from a group of chefs cooking to make a difference in New York CIty, Eat Offbeat.

That Kickstarter blew up and almost doubled the projected goal of $50,000.  I spoke with the Co-founder and CEO of Eat Offbeat this morning, Manal Kahi, to obtain an update on the status of this project. Manal mentioned that after the success of the Kickstarter several publishers approached them about publishing their cookbook. After much consideration, a deal has been finalized with Workman Publishing. The team weighed the pros and cons of going with a publisher and decided that Workman shared their vision and would produce a book that they would be proud of.

The projected date for the cookbook release is the Spring of 2019 (all good things take time especially in the publishing field). The title has not been finalized but the recipes and the interviews have been completed. Manal states they are now testing the recipes and after that process is finished, photography will begin. 

I am excited about this book and the work that Eat Offbeat does.  When I head back to New York in April for the James Beard Awards, I am planning to meet with the Eat OffBeat team and maybe if I’m lucky they will teach me how to make something delicious from their kitchen.

As soon as a title is set and preorder information is available, I will update our members. Those who have backed the kickstarter will receive their book(s) as set forth in the Kickstarter terms. 

Go team Eat Offbeat! 

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