Which Great British Bake Off Contestants have written books

Updated August 25, 2021. Six weeks ago, Paul Hollywood posted a photo of the iconic white tent and today I read an article stating that the quaratine procedures were again being practiced. I knew it was time to update this post. Lots of books coming from our favorite bakers in 2021 and 2022. I’m sure there will be more! Speaking of Paul, the silver fox has a new baking title coming our way in June of 2022: Bake: My Best Ever Recipes for the Classics.

I am a fan of The Great British Bake Off. I find it inspiring and I love learning about new flavor combinations and techniques. Last night, while watching an episode of the original Season 3 that is now being aired in the US on PBS, I started thinking – just how many of the contestants have written cookbooks? This was an expensive and dangerous thing to question.

Darcie shared a post recently about procrastibaking and I am experiencing procrastibaking’s lesser-known affliction – procrasti-reading-about-baking. I have a gazillion boxes to unpack, many promotions and other related work to do but I started googling this morning. The searches for contestants who have written cookbooks yielded gobsmacking results. (Gobsmacking is the extent of my British speak.)

There are numerous British Bake Off cookbooks that are compilations of recipes written by authors such as Linda Collister as well as those treasures written by Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood which I haven’t included
in this summary.  And now we must add Prue Leith. What is included is a breakdown of cookbook titles by contestants only. A good number of these titles I own and several of the others have now been ordered. Somebody
stop me – I’m in the midst of a purge! (Note: The Great British Bake Off: Get Baking for Friends and Family by Linda Collister is amazing! The Great British Bake Off: Love to Bake is fantastic as well.

An article that may be of interest: How to outfit your pantry like a GBBO baker.

Baking With Pride by Janusz Domalga (May 2024)

Good Vibes Baking: Bakes To Make Your Soul Shine and Your Taste Buds Sing by Sandro Farmhouse (April 2024)

Baked Both Ways: (Baking recipes that include plant-based versions) by Ruby Bhogal (March 2024)

The Thrifty Baker: Shop, Bake & Eat on a Budget by Hermine Dossou (Sep 2023)

Simple French Baking: A Simple French Baking Love Story by Manon Lagrève (April 2023)

German Baking by Jürgen Krauss (August 2023)

Crystelle’s Kitchen by Crystelle Pereira (April 2023)

Urvashi Roe (Series 2)

Biting Biting: Snacking Gujarati-Style

Giuseppe Dell’Anno

Giuseppe’s Easy Bakes: Sweet Italian Treats (Oct 23)

Giuseppe’s Italian Bakes: 60 Inspired Recipes Like Papa Used to Make (Oct 22)

Lottie Bedlow

Baking Imperfect: Crush, Whip and Spread It Like Nobody’s Watching (Jul 2022 UK; Nov 2022 US)

Freya Cox

Simply Vegan Baking by Freya Cox (Sep 2022 US)

Rahul Mandal – GBBO Winner 2019

Showstopping Cakes Oct 13th, 2022

Peter Sawkins – GBBO Winner 2020

Peter Bakes: 100+ Irresistible Recipes for Teatime Treats, Showstopper Cakes, Yummy Puddings and More by Peter Sawkins

Peter’s Baking Party: Fun & Tasty Recipes for Future Star Bakers! (Oct 2022)

The Great British Bake Off: Kitchen Classics: Signature Bakes from the Heart of the Home (Sep 2023)

The Great British Bake Off – Favourite Flavours (Sept 2022)

The Great British Bake Off: A Bake for All Seasons (2021)

The Great British Bake Off: Favourite Flavours (2022)

Michelle Evans-Fecci – 2019 GBBO

The Seasonal Baker: Baking All Year Round – May 2022

Steph Blackwell – 2019 Finalist

The Joy of Baking: The Everyday Zen of Watching Bread Rise

Bake Yourself Happy: Recipes for Delicious Bakes with a Dollop of Joy (Sep 2022)

David Atherton – 2019 Winner

Good to Eat: Feelgood Food to Energise You for Life

My First Cook Book: Bake, Make and Learn to Cook

My First Baking Book: Delicious Recipes for Budding Bakers

Helena Garcia

The Book of Gingerbread: 50 Spiced Bakes, Houses, Cookies, Desserts and More (Oct 23)

The Wicked Baker: Cakes and Treats to Die For

Nancy Birtwhistle * Sizzle & Drizzle: Tips for a Modern Day Home-Maker


Val Stones’ The Cake Whisperer can be purchased from her website. She
ships worldwide (don’t ask me how I know).

Liam Charles



John Whaite (all keepers, his books are treasures)

Edd Kimber (keepers as well)

Candice Brown

Happy Cooking: Easy Uplifting Meals and Comforting Treats

 Comfort: Delicious Bakes and Family Treats
 I love this title and have made several wonderful recipes.

Miranda Gore Browne 

James Morton 

Richard Burr * B.I.Y: Bake it Yourself: A Manual for Everyday Baking

Jo Wheatley (great baking books)

Frances Quinn *  Quinntessential Baking This is a
fun book but contains more cake design than recipes – still a

Luis TroyanoBake it Great: Tips and Tricks to Transform Your Bakes from Everyday to Extraordinary

Ruth Clemens

Ruby Tandoh

Cathryn DresserLet’s Bake

Flora Shedden

Howard Middleton *  Delicious Gluten Free Baking

Mary-Anne Boermans

Holly Bell

Martha Collison (great baking books)

Nadiya Hussain (love Nadiya’s titles as well)

Chetna Makan (this author’s books never disappoint)

Have I missed any books that our EYB members have? Which titles
do you own?

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  • pumpkinspice  on  July 8, 2018

    I have all except Howard Middleton's and Luis Troyano's. Mary-Anne has, "Deja Food."

  • Lem9579  on  July 8, 2018

    I have Flora's, Chetna's, Nadiya's and two of Ruby's. I have been tempted to get Candice's but just haven't yet.

  • MiMi60  on  July 8, 2018

    I THOUGHT that I had them all on my "List" .. but thank you for this.. as I now know I get to get more!!!

  • livingranchodelux  on  July 8, 2018

    I had no clue so many of them have books out. I'm going to check them out.

  • bpfranz  on  July 10, 2018

    I have Richard Burr's BIY, Luis Troyano's Bake it Great, Mary-Ann Boerman's Great British Bakes , Martha Collison's Twist, I am interested in getting Edd Kimber's and John Whaite's books

  • annmartina  on  July 24, 2018

    Amazon US needs to convert all of John Whaite's cookbooks to Kindle. Currently only Comfort is available.

  • mjes  on  January 5, 2019

    Val Stones, two of Nadiya's and one of Chetna … It's my grandson's wife who is the professional baker so I can concentrate elsewhere.

  • Lem9579  on  January 27, 2019

    I have all of Chetan's (plus her third one which is ordered and on its way), Flora's, two of Ruby's, three of Nadiya's (all but the children's ones), two of John Whaite (looking forward to the one he will release this year) and Candice Brown's.

  • inflytur  on  January 28, 2019

    I love Chetna Makan‘s books. She also has an active YouTube channel where she demonstrates her recipes. She is a wonderful presenter. I particularly enjoy the episodes where she cooks along with her mother.

  • rchesser  on  August 5, 2019

    Ashamed to say, I don't have any.

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