Food resolutions for 2018

 roast winter vegetables

One day into the new year, most of us have kept our 2018 resolutions. For many people, common pledges revolve around food-related themes, whether it be weight loss, eating more vegetables, or cutting back on sugar. There's plenty of help in keeping your resolutions to be found online. Epicurious returns with its Cook 90 challenge, where they encourage people to cook from home three meals a day for January. CNN joins the game with tips on how to keep your resolution of cooking more at home

Getting organized is another common refrain. I just finished my New Year's refrigerator purge and reorganization, aided by advice from indexed website The Kitchn, which has compiled its best fridge advice and freezer advice gleaned over the last year. One tip I found useful was to use the bottom half of an egg carton in the refrigerator door to help store bottles that want to tip over.

If eating more vegetables is your goal for the year, the EYB Library is an excellent resource. With over 150,000 online vegetable-focused recipes, you should never be at a loss for ideas. You can focus in on a particular ingredient, cuisine, and filter out any items you definitely don't want to eat. 

I looked back at my New Year's food resolution from two years ago, in which I resolved to make more of my breakfasts at home. While I made some progress in that direction, I'm still fairly likely to grab a packaged granola bar instead of cooking. This year, my goal is to be more organized when I am cooking. Usually when I finish making a meal, it looks like a tornado ripped through my kitchen. What are your 2018 food or cooking resolutions? 

Photo of  Roast winter vegetables with walnut and pomegranate sauce from The Guardian by Thomasina Miers

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