Your cookbook collection could be worth more than you think

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When you think of collectible cookbooks, you probably consider volumes like a first edition of Joy of Cooking or a signed copy of Mastering the Art of French Cooking, both of which are highly sought after books. But these aren't the only cookbooks that are worth collecting. According to Food & Wine, many other volumes may be valuable as well.

Ken Gloss, an appraiser for PBS' Antiques Roadshow and a bookstore owner, explains that even old family cookbooks can be worth more than you think. Gloss says that cookbooks are a commodity that is growing in value. Some of the first published American cookery books from the early 18th century can fetch nearly $1000 from the right buyer. Older books, dating to the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, are valued even higher.

It's not just hundred-year-old books that people are seeking. Collectors search for items like hard to find recipe pamphlets once included with newly purchased appliances. Items like glossy cake decorating books from the 1920s command high prices as well.

Unlike other collectibles, cookbooks are not severely downgraded for wear. Stains are acceptable and sometimes even prized, because people understand that these books were meant to be used, and the splatters can "increase the aesthetic appeal while also serving as a way to confirm their authenticity." So the next time you are thinking of doing a purge, you might want to see what your books are worth. 

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  • monique.potel  on  1/26/2018 at 1:06 AM

    could you give us some hints to evaluate a collection of cookbooks besides amazon thanks

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