Australian food blog awards announced

 Australian blogs

Just over a week ago, we learned the winners of the restaurant awards given by the Australian Good Food & Travel Guide. The AGFG has also announced its picks for the top 10 Australian food blogs

Several of the blogs are focused on restaruant reviews, like the Melbourne-based Eat and Be Merry. This blog is a group effort, featuring friends from Melbourne who love eating out collaborate together to write the articles, which features local restaurants as well as far-flung destinations. 

A few of the blogs also feature original recipes. Spooning Australia is the work of a single blogger, Jason King, who intersperses restaurant reviews amongst his own recipe creations. King describes himself as a "food loving, wine obsessed, restaurant indulging foodie" who has "embarked on a Brussels Sprout cooking odyssey with the goal of being known in the world as 'the Brussels sprouts guy.'" Other blogs with both recipes and reviews include FoodieLing and The Spice Adventuress.

You can see the full list at the AGFC website. Hat tip to EYB Member debkellie for the link. 

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