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Bear with me, I'm a little giddy. Those two wonderfully kind people pictured above, Sarit Packer and Itamar Srulovich, are the married couple behind the wildly successful Honey & Co. Restaurant in London and are two of my favorite authors.

Their first cookbook, Honey & Co. Food from the Middle East was the Sunday Times Food Book of the Year in the United Kingdom in 2015. This debut book revolved around their restaurant which is known for fresh fruit and vegetables, wild honey, big bunches of herbs, crunchy salads, smoky lamb, bread straight from the oven, old-fashioned stews, Middle Eastern traditions, falafel, dips, and plenty of tahini on everything. 

Recipes include the above mentioned offerings and one-pan dishes, simple fragrant soups, rich Persian entrees, the tagines of North Africa, the Sofritos of Jerusalem, and the herb-infused stews of Iran and brings the flavors of the Middle East to life in a wholly accessible way, certain to entice and satisfy in equal measure.

Their second offering Honey & Co. The Baking Book covers both savory and sweet baked delights, with Middle Eastern flair, as well as a chapter on jams and breakfast items including egg dishes.  I am a huge fan of the savory aspect in baking, and this title offers much in that regard including Spiced cauliflower muffins and Butternut squash and Spice cheesecake. The muffins, perfect for a brunch, make quite the presentation with a cauliflower floret baked whole inside the muffin.

The Peach, vanilla & fennel seed mini loaves (my photo left) are a go-to treat for company. They are incredible and I only make them when we have guests as I cannot be trusted around them. They call to me from the counter and I am helpless to resist.  The scent of ripening peaches makes me pull out this book. Sarit and Itamar always bring something out of the ordinary to the table that will tempt our palates and add a new spark and creativity to our baking and cooking.

But the reason for this post and my giddiness is that their third book will be released this July by Pavilion Books. At Home: Middle Eastern Recipes from our Kitchen shares the talented duo's recipes that are carved out from personal experiences and shares what they serve around their own kitchen table.  Filled with stories and food that mean the most to them, the book is written from the heart with affection for the food they love.

Honey & Co commented in their interview with Pavilion: "We feel so lucky with this book - it is a project we've been dreaming of for a while now, putting the recipes we cook at home in book form and being able to share these dishes, just as we do at home. Pavilion Books are a lot like Honey & Co - an independent company driven by a passion to make beautiful things, it is a natural connection and working with them on this book is an absolute joy."

What is even better is that there will be a fourth book coming! Sarit and Itamar's books are beautiful and the recipes are brilliant. I will keep you posted when pre-ordering is available and the cover is released!

Lastly, we want to share The Food Talks, a series of events that take place at the Honey & Spice location in London (52 Warren St, W1T 5NJ) and are later shared via podcast. Check out our calendar for their schedule of chefs and authors. Their online shop is calling to me I want to buy all the things! 

Photo of Sarat and Itamar courtesy of Pavilion. 


  • laffersk  on  2/2/2018 at 12:26 PM

    I just purchased Honey & Co The cookbook on amazon. I cannot wait to get it. So addicted to Middle Eastern cookbooks- cannot wait to get the baking one.

  • lgroom  on  2/2/2018 at 12:56 PM

    I am addicted to these two.

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