When food is your life, losing weight can be a challenge


Jim Webster has a problem that many of us can relate to. His life revolves around food, and not just because he is passionate about it, but because it's part of his job description. This presents a problem for Webster, who has struggled with weight issues his whole life. In an article for The Washington Post, he details the challenges he faces in getting his weight under control while still doing the job that he loves

While Webster's weight has fluctuated up and down over the years, it was as he was nearing his 50th birthday that he decided he needed to tackle the problem. He had lost significant amounts of weight before, but the issue was that he would always gain it back again after he stopped focusing on the weight loss. 

The plan that he set out for himself was simple - he set a walking goal of 3.66 million steps in a year, and followed that with a rule of not eating for 12 hours straight each day. The plan worked - until he hit a snag. He had to test over 60 dessert recipes in less than 30 days. Says Webster, "It was fantastic. There were tortas. There were crostatas. There were gelati and sorbetti. There were cookies. Oh, there were so, so many cookies."

Even though he farmed out most of the product to coworkers, family, and friends, the tasting sessions took their toll. He gained six pounds in the month...and then another six. Even though the setback was disappointing, Webster says he wouldn't change a thing, because he is doing what he loves. Despite the potential pitfalls awaiting him in his job, Webster remains optimistic about continuing on his weight loss journey in 2018. I hope he is able to get back on track, as his situation is inspiring me to try to get more active as well. 

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