Predictions for the best and worst in food for 2018


Our local (rural) radio station just ran a piece about the estimation that, after years of declining consumption, the prediction for 2018 is that people in the U.S. will eat more meat than ever before. That got me wondering what else might be in store, food-wise, for the new year. Food Republic has a few ideas, and offers its predictions for 2018's trends - both negative and positive

On the plus side, Food Republic thinks there will be fewer gimmicky items and fad foods, and that celebrity chef restaurants won't be as prominent. Why is the latter item a bad thing? For the reason that "the combination of tasty-looking dishes and charismatic personalities on television [does] not necessarily translate to real-world restaurant success," and that the term 'celebrity chef' encompasses a range of people with varying abilities. Some of these 'chefs' should stick to TV.  

Food Republic also thinks that 2018 might be the year of the female chef. The societal reckoning that is going on could force the industry to finally face up to the vexing "boys' club" mentality that has governed it for years. This could allow the countless female chefs that have long toiled in anonymity to rise to the top. 

Now on to the predictions for things you might not want to see. One is that the prices for alcoholic beverages will shoot up as restaurants face margins that continue to get tighter. Drinks are one area where people seem willing to put up with a premium price tag, so expect to see that happening. The other trend that coincides with this is that eating establishments will continue to reduce staff hours, leaving restaurants understaffed. 

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