Perfect your butter-basting technique

Have you ever watched professional chefs on a cooking show cooking a piece of meat in a skillet, scooping liquid from the pan in deft strokes and pouring it over the steak or chop? This technique, called butter basting, is beloved by many chefs. Although it requires a bit more finesse than some other techniques, Daniel Gritzer shows us how it can add an unparalleled depth of flavor

butter basted steaks

Gritzer walks us through the “ups and downs of butter-basting”, explaining how it can be applied to a variety of meats including steaks, pork chops, chicken breasts, and even fish fillets.  The method for each is similar, although there are a few  small details that differ for fish. There are several benefits to the process, including amazing flavor, quicker cooking, and a great sear. Says Gritzer, “When done properly, the method gives the outside of the meat, or the skin of fish, a crackling, potato chip-like crispness.”

Once you learn this technique, you can practice on recipes from the EYB Library. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

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