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When The Great British Bake Off made its move from BBC to Channel 4, fans lamented that only one of the show’s personalities, Paul Hollywood, was going to remain with the program. Truth is, there was another original cast member that made the switch, although no one ever saw his face. Tom Hovey, the artist who produces all of those lovely illustrations that show what the bakers will be making, also remained with GBBO

food illustration

Hovey has been with the show since it first aired, although creating the illustrations was not the job for which he was hired. A friend who worked in television urged him to apply for a job helping to edit a new cookery show.  Hovey told the website Vulture, “With no TV experience or idea about how edits worked, I blagged my way in and started two days later.” After working on the program for a short time, Hovey told the directors and editors that he preferred illustration. That admission led to the director asking Hovey to fill a perceived gap in the visual elements of the show. Hovey quickly sketched a few examples and the rest is history.

Although viewing his work would lead one to believe that a passion for food prompted his illustrations, in reality it worked the other way around. After sketching all of those delicious dishes, Hovey realized that he was developing a keen interest in food, and he decided that he would make food illustration his main focus. 

Photo: Love Productions: Studio Hovey

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