Watch the short film 'Bao' free - for one week only

The Disney-Pixar animated short film 'Bao' received rave reviews when it premiered as a 'bumper' to the movie Incredibles 2 earlier this year. Bao tells the sweet story of a lonely woman who gets a second chance at being a mother when the dumpling she is about to eat comes to life. If you missed the film in theaters, you have a chance to watch it for one week only, as Pixar is making it available online

Bao trailer

Pixar has made so many of these animated short films that they have released  collections of the videos. To promote the most recent edition, Pixar Short Films Collection: Volume 3, they are making Bao available via YouTube. This is the first time Pixar has allowed free streaming of any of the shorts.  Bao is arguably one of the best in the collection, and since it is food-related we thought our members might be interested in watching the film. 

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  • SheilaS  on  12/19/2018 at 11:28 AM

    Thanks so much for posting this. I've been wanting to see it, but not Incredibles 2, since it came out. Evan Kleiman had a interview with the directory on her Good Food podcast where she described how she had her mom come into the studio to make dumplings so the crew would know how to animate the process:

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