Mary Berry’s back with a new show

  Mary Berry, the beloved former host of The Great British Bake Off, is returning to television this year with a new BBC One show called  Classic Mary Berry. The program will follow Berry as she travels throughout the British countryside. After she visits home and farms to learn about different foods from various guests, she will return to her… read more

Fundraiser to save the Kitchen Witch

Kitchen Witch Cook Book Shop has been serving cookbook lovers for over 18 years in New Orleans. Their shop located in the historic Bayou Road/Broad Street corridor is struggling to keep their doors open. The good news is that in the next year many high profile businesses and entertainment venues are set to open. The bad news is that with… read more

IACP Cookbook of the Year award rescinded

No sooner had the IACP Cookbook Awards been announced than controversy began swirling around Six Seasons, which won the General Category and was named Cookbook of the Year. As it turns out, Martha Holmberg - who shares writing credits for the book alongside chef Joshua McFadden - is the CEO of the IACP. Soon after the announcement was made, people… read more

IACP 40 An exhausting, exciting weekend

If you follow Eat Your Books (see right sidebar on home page for links) or myself on social media, you may have scrolled through a few of our photos documenting our trip to New York for the 40th anniversary of IACP (International Association of Culinary Professionals). Documenting is probably not the correct word because we spent so much time connecting,… read more

Prince inspired cookbook being published

The late musician Prince is still mourned by millions of fans worldwide. His untimely death in 2016 sent shock waves through the music community, followed by an outpouring of musical tributes from his collaborators and other artists who he inspired. Now a new tribute to his Purple Highness is in the works: a cookbook titled Little Red Velvette. The collection of… read more

IACP Cookbook Award winners

  Jenny and Jane attended the International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP) annual meeting in New York City. That means they were able to see the winners of the 2018 IACP Cookbook Awards  in person! The rest of us had to follow along on Twitter - and now we know the winners. We've updated our IACP 2018 community page to note… read more

Featured Cookbooks & Recipes

Finding the best recipes amongst the millions online is not easy - but you don't have to! The team here at Eat Your Books, searches for excerpts from indexed books and magazines and every week we bring you our latest finds. Every day recipes are added from the best blogs and websites. As a member, you can also add your… read more

What’s it like to audition for Masterchef?

  If you have ever watched any competitive reality television cooking show like Masterchef or The Next Food Network Star, at some point you probably think "how did they come up with these people?" or "I know I could do better than that!" Since the competitiors for these programs are chosen from people from all walks of life, in theory… read more

Food52’s ‘The Piglet’ cookbook competition returns for 2018

  Indexed website Food52 has just announced the competitors for its cookbook competition called The Piglet. Now in its ninth year, the contest pits sixteen books against one another in a bracketed tournament competition. Over the course of several weeks, each of the judges (who are top food writers, chefs, and celebrities) make dishes from two books and announce which… read more

Chef Jose Andrés named JBF 2018 Humanitarian of the Year

In conjunction with its Restaurant and Chef Awards, the James Beard Foundation also recognizes a food industry person for his or her good works. This year, that person is renowned chef José Andrés, winner of multiple James Beard Awards, owner of ThinkFoodGroup, and founder of the relief organization World Central Kitchen. The JBF announced yesterday that the Spanish-born Andrés was the… read more

February Cookbook Roundup

We are two months into 2018 and already I'm excited about the cookbooks that will be published this year. My 2018 Preview Post is updated frequently and I predict this will be another amazing year for cookbooks. February marks the ushering in of the Spring cookbook season in the northern hemisphere, with a mix of titles that focus on health, special… read more

Oh, sugar

  When I was growing up, there were only two types of sugar in our house: white and brown. It was only after I started cooking for myself and became interested in cuisines different that what I was familiar with that I discovered there are many plants that can produce sugar beyond sugar cane and sugar beets. Knowing what to… read more

February’s Summary of the Eat Your Books Cookbook Club

February has us cooking up recipes from The Home Cook: Recipes to Know by Heart by Alex Guarnaschelli, Nigel Slater (online), How To Be a Domestic Goddess: Baking and the Art of Comfort Food  by Nigella Lawson, and Jamie at Home: Cook Your Way to the Good Life by Jamie Oliver in the Eat Your Books Cookbook Club. And, desserts are still be churned out in our second… read more

The Tivoli Road Baker – Michael and Pippa James

There are cookbooks that are so beautiful that I am transfixed by the passion reflected in the photographs and stories from the moment I crack open the cover. The Tivoli Road Baker: Recipes and Notes from a Chef Who Chose Baking by Michael and Pippa James is one such book - the couple's love of great food and community radiates… read more

Where do you draw the line for DIY food projects?

  I like to think I'm an adventurous cook and baker. When I see a homemade version of something that is usually purchased, I'm generally intrigued. DIY sauerkraut? Fermented in my attic. Pancetta? Cured, rolled, and dried hanging from the rafter so my cats couldn't reach it. Croissants? See above for my attempt - not half bad, although I don't… read more

Chinese Soul Food – Hsiao-Ching Chou

For years, with envy, I have studied photos on social media of friends attending dumpling workshops with Hsiao-Ching Chou in Seattle. I wanted to be there learning to pleat pillows of deliciousness into perfection. Traveling to Seattle for a dumpling class was out of the realm of possibility for me, so I resorted to wishing Hsiao-Ching would write a cookbook.… read more

Medieval cookbooks were surprisingly sophisticated

  When you think of old cookbooks, you might imagine tomes from the late 1700s or early 1800s, but they existed hundreds of years before that. Most of them were written by nobles or kings seeking to burnish their reputations, but that doesn't mean they weren't good. And they weren't just European, either - some of the best cookbooks of… read more

New app will allow you to text a cookbook author

Have you ever read a recipe in a cookbook and wished you could ask the author to explain what he or she meant in the instructions? Soon, you may be able to do just that with an app that is being released alongside Hsiao-Ching Chou's new cookbook, Chinese Soul Food.  Chou is serving as a beta tester for the new service… read more

Some classic cookbooks are getting a reprint

A small selection of classic but out-of-print cookbooks are getting a second chance, thanks to the website Cookstr and Picador, a subsidiary of publishing giant Macmillan. In 2014 Macmillan purchased Cookstr, which was created by Will Schwalbe, who stayed on after the acquisition to lead this and other projects. Starting in May, the first three reissued cookbooks will be released. … read more

Eat Your Books Cookbook Club April – July Selections

Last September we announced the formation of the Eat Your Books Cookbook Club on Facebook and shortly thereafter the Eat Your Books Sweet Ottolenghi Cookbook Club. The latter is of course to bake our way through Ottolenghi and Helen Goh's Sweet and the former to cook through certain titles as a community. We continue to grow and welcome all to… read more

Featured Cookbooks & Recipes

Do you find other people's comments on recipes helpful? Have you written your own recipe Notes? It's a great way to remind yourself how a dish turned out and share your experience with the EYB community. On each Recipe Details page you'll find a Notes tab. Adding online recipes to your EYB Bookshelf is a really great way to expand… read more

Bittman discovers the Instant Pot

  Few kitchen gadgets have taken the world by storm as the Instant Pot and its derivatives. Many online forums have sprung up for recipes and advice. Most of the chatter online has been peer-to-peer, but that's about to change. Many of the food world's heavyweights, including Mark Bittman, have become enamored with the IP. Bittman recently posted four new… read more

James Beard Foundation Restaurant and Chef Award semifinalists

  The James Beard Foundation has just announced its 2018 Restaurant and Chef Award semifinalists. The list recognizes the best new restaurants, established restaurants, chefs, bakers, and bar programs across the United States. Many of the chefs on the list have written outstanding cookbooks, including Hugh Acheson, Joanne Chang, Ashley Christensen, Renee Erickson, Gabrielle Hamilton, David Kinch, Donald Link,  Vikram Sunderam, Jody Williams, Vivian Howard and Alex Stupak.  According to Eater,… read more

The Comfort Food Diaries by Emily Nunn

At some point over the last four years, I feel as if I have lost myself as a person but found myself as a writer. I do not have delusions of grandeur, or even mediocracy, and this play on words is my motto "me write pretty one day".  Since moving to Colorado, I have stopped engaging in activities that bring… read more

A special treat for an Olympic medalist

  A few days ago we reported on what it's like to eat in the Olympic Village. We've learned a bit more since that post, especially some interesting details about one Olympic athlete's eating preferences, through an article from The Washington Post and an Instagram post from chef David Chang.  Chang posted a photo of the special creation he made… read more
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