California fire relief effort aims to replace cookbooks


Last year's wildfires in California devastated entire communities. Thousands of people lost their homes and belongings as the firestorm swept through several towns. For some people the losses were absolute, where nothing remained in the ashes of what they once called home. Cherished cookbooks were among the items people lost. I'm sure that EYB Members would be heartbroken to lose their cookbook collections; I know that I would. 

In the wake of the disaster, several relief organizations have sprung up to help people start to rebuild their lives. One of these organization, Delicious New Chapters, is working to gather donated cookbooks to restore at least some of the books lost to the fires.

EYB member Sondra Bernstein, founder of the girl and the fig, spearheaded this effort after she overheard four Sonoma Valley residents talking about losing their homes and their cookbook collections. Since food and cooking are such vital components of life in California wine country, the issue really struck home for Sondra, who treasures her own cookbook collection.

You can contribute to this relief in two ways. From now until April 4th, donations of cookbooks in English or Spanish in VERY GOOD condition (please only gift books you'd be proud to give a close friend) may be dropped off at ten locations in California wine country. You can find these sites on the Delicious New Chapters website or Facebook page

You also mail cookbooks to:
c/o the girl & the fig Business Office
1206 MacArthur Street #3,
Sonoma, CA 95476

On Sunday, April 8th, fire survivors in wine country will be welcomed at Suite D, to create a new collection for themselves. The event will run throughout the day starting at 9 am. As the Delicious New Chapters Facebook page states, "A House is not a Home without Cookbooks."

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  • anightowl  on  2/9/2018 at 6:59 PM

    Thank you for posting this. I am in southern California. The experience of standing outside my house with a hose putting out glowing debris landing in the yard a few years ago during the Cedar fire brought home the very real danger all of us in the state face, city and country dwellers alike. I go up to Santa Rosa and the surrounding area every year for a week or two, and seeing places I have visited and love burned to the ground hit me hard. We donated money, but are too far away to donate household goods easily. I have been wanting to cull my cookbooks because of space constraints, but didn't have a good enough reason to tackle it until now. I have gone through them all and have set aside a stack of 64 cookbooks in excellent condition that will soon be making their way to Sonoma.

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