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shortbread heartsAs I was exiting the grocery store this evening, the gentleman who was assisting me with carrying out my purchases asked if I had plans for Valentine's Day. I told him I would definitely be staying home, because I thought the worst day of the year to try to go out to dinner is Valentine's Day. Restaurants are crowded, the prices are high, and the menus are often less than inspired. I much prefer a quiet dinner at home, where the food will be much better.

Since I do like to make it a special meal, I turn to the EYB Library for inspiration (truth be told I use it every day, but it's especially handy on occasions like this.) Valentine's Day is less than a week away, so now is the perfect time to start planning. It's easy because the Library has an entire category dedicated to Valentine's Day and romantic meals

Instead of buying roses, you can start your passionate evening with a Coming Up Roses cocktail. After that, it's time for tomato roses on a bed of cannellini bean puree or Persian stuffed dumpling squash with rose petals. Speaking of dumplings, Jamie Oliver's love dumplings recipe certainly sounds cozy. 

Heart shapes are both whimsical and easy, like these adorable Dried cranberry shortbread hearts (pictured above) and this stunning Deep chocolate cake with a raspberry mousse heart. Or, you could go in a different direction with the heart theme and try Roasted fennel and artichoke heartsHeart-shaped meatloafHeart shaped toad in the hole for two, or even Grilled heart

Whether your tastes run to traditional steak and chocolate romantic meals or something lighter and less formal, we're sure that with over 1,600 different recipes, you are sure to find the perfect dish to make for your valentine. 

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