The truth behind many family “heirloom” recipes

  Everyone has cherished family recipes, handed down from mother (or father), who got it from her mother, who ostensibly received it from hers as well. An investigation by Atlas Obscura calls into question these "heirloom" recipes, and discovers that many of them were copied from cookbooks, food packages, and other locations.  The site asked Gastro Obscura readers to submit… read more

Simply Citrus – Marie Asselin

Simply Citrus by Marie Asselin delivers a beautifully photographed book with 60 vibrant recipes using a variety of fresh citrus fruits, including lemons, pomelos, oranges, limes, mandarins, kumquats, grapefruit, and citrus products such as yuzu juice, orange blossom honey, and preserved lemons. Marie's blog, Food Nouveau, won the 2017 International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP) award for best recipe-based blog. She… read more

Passione by Gennaro Contaldo

Genarro Contaldo is the Italian legend who taught Jamie Oliver all he knows about Italian cooking and who Jamie has affectionately started referring to as his London dad. Genarro was born just feet away from the sea on Italy's stunning Amalfi coast. As a child, he was taught by his parents how to seek out wild food free-diving for oysters, foraging… read more

Indie magazines gain a foothold in the publishing industry

  Food magazines have been falling like dominoes - Gourmet, Food Arts, Lucky Peach - these and many others have succumbed to the pressures of digital publications and sagging subscriptions. Just when it seemed like the industry was doomed, a handful of independent magazines show that the demise of food publications is not a certainty.  These new magazines are succeeding… read more

Featured Cookbooks & Recipes

Did you know adding online recipes to your EYB Bookshelf is a really great way to build your personal recipe collection?  You can do this even if you have a free membership!  Try it out now and see how easy it is. Browse the recipes below, choose one that appeals, click on the link, and add it to your Bookshelf.… read more

How to Eat a Peach – Diana Henry – US/UK tour

How do we love Diana Henry? Let us count the ways. It is really quite Simple, she gives us Plenty of reasons. Okay, I'll stop now. I was going to go on with a "no I'm not drinking Crazy Water" spiel but the need to roll my own eyes compelled me to cease and desist. We all love Diana, and her… read more

Vegetarian Viet Nam by Cameron Stauch

If you followed my exploits in New York last month at IACP, you may have noticed a few posts about Cameron Stauch and his debut cookbook, Vegetarian Viet Nam. I am proud to announce that I was the first person to ask the author for his autograph! While at the conference, I was able to take a quick peek at the book… read more

Today’s Google Doodle recognizes one of the first modern cookbook authors

The Google Doodle often celebrates historical figures. Today's Doodle recognizes the 310th birthday of a woman considered one of the world's first modern cookbook authors, Hannah Glasse.  Glasse was born Hannah Allgood in 1708 in London. She married John Glasse in 1724 and together they had several children. In 1938, historian Madeline Hope Dodds discovered Hannah Glasse to be the author… read more

Christopher Kimball’s New Line with Kuhn Rikon, Milk Street The New Home Cooking and Sur la Table Gift Card – Giveaway

Christopher Kimball has many irons in the fire from the cooking school, his television program, Milk Street Magazine, to penning cookbooks with several coming out this year including Milk Street: Tuesday Nights: More than 200 Simple Weeknight Suppers that Deliver Bold Flavor, Fast, the man is busy.  Recently, I happened upon his Kuhn Rikon cookware line at Sur la Table and had to find out more.… read more

$250 egg spoons, $400 hair dryers, and sexism in food

  To call our modern times fast-paced is a gross understatement, which is why recalling something that happened "all the way back" in 2009 seems like a Herculean endeavor. We need to travel back to that year, however, to find the beginnings of what is now called the "egg spoon controversy," because 2009 is when chef Alice Waters cooked an… read more

March 2018 – Cookbook Roundup

Are you ready for another fantastic year of cookbook releases? Surrender and order additional bookcases because 2018 is gearing up to be just as exciting, if not more so, than 2017. My preview-palooza post contains a breakdown by month of cookbook titles and is updated frequently. Please make sure you have entered all our giveaways, there are some exciting promotions coming… read more

Prawn on the Lawn

Prawn on the Lawn: Fish and Seafood to Share by Rick and Katie Toogood is a collection of quick, fresh, healthy, and delicious fish and seafood recipes for today's modern cook. The recipes are split into an enticing selection of cold and hot tapas, larger plates, sides, desserts, and cocktails. From their signature Prawn on the lawn dish to succulent Scallop… read more

Eat Your Books Cookbook Club – March 2018

March has us cooking up recipes in the Eat Your Books Cookbook Club from the following cookbooks/recipes: Main selection: David Tanis' Market Cooking by David Tanis. Online option: David's online recipes which are indexed from his City Kitchen column. Baking title: BraveTart: Iconic American Desserts for more information on Stella's remarkable book see our promotion post. Flashback option: any recipe… read more

Epic vegetable rant on Twitter

Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are filled with gorgeous food photos and people fawning over their favorite foods. In a twist on these typical positive posts, a recent Twitter thread gained a lot of attention for allowing people to rant about foods - vegetables, to be precise - that they hated.  It all began when legal analyst Imani Gandy posted a photo… read more

Cooking with cashews

  Have you ever had an "aha" moment with an ingredient that made you want to want to try every recipe that used it? It's happened to me a few times, but none more memorable than when I made the Cashew chicken with a cilantro sauce (Dhania murghi) from 660 Curries by Raghavan Iver. I'd enjoyed eating cashews as a snack, but… read more

Retro cookbooks on the rise

  Remember the old saying that 'there's nothing new under the sun'? That applies to just about every aspect of life, including, as it turns out, cookbooks. Perhaps it started with the classic cocktail revival or maybe they grew together, but whatever the reason, cookbooks that revisit classic recipes are on the rise.  Dishes that were popular as far back… read more

You’re going to love EYB Book Preview and EYB Recipe Preview

Cooks and cookbook lovers are visual people. Just as we eat with our eyes first, many cookbook buyers prefer to physically browse through a title at a bookstore or library before making a commitment to purchase the volume.  Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could thumb through pages from a new cookbook without leaving the comfort of your home? Well,… read more

Tokyo New Wave

Andrea Fazzari is a Tokyo based photographer and writer who specializes in portraiture, travel, and the culinary world. In her stunning book, Tokyo New Wave: 31 Chefs Defining Japan's Next Generation, with Recipes showcases the new talent of Tokyo's vibrant food scene brilliantly. Profiles of 31 chefs are featured along with portraits, interviews and recipes. The photography is outstanding and is the heart… read more

Featured Cookbooks & Recipes

Finding the best recipes amongst the millions online is not easy - but you don't have to! The team here at Eat Your Books, searches for excerpts from indexed books and magazines and every week we bring you our latest finds. Every day recipes are added from the best blogs and websites. As a member, you can also add your… read more

Joy of Cooking takes on a food scientist

  New studies purporting links between food and illness come out with astonishing frequency, and the findings of what is "healthy" and what is not seem to swing back and forth like a pendulum. Usually this change is due to more complete studies or a better understanding of the science. Sometimes, however, the research is flawed.  The latter scenario cast… read more

Shaya by Alon Shaya

The moment I received Shaya: An Odyssey of Food, My Journey Back to Israel by Alon Shaya I posted on social media that our beloved, member favorite Ottolenghi might have some strong competition for best book of 2018.  In the cookbook reviewing world, I struggle every day with adequate descriptions in my writing - beautiful, stunning, gorgeous, inspiring - are overused (not to… read more

Tips on choosing the right flour

If you aren't already a dedicated baker, you may only have one or two types of flour in your pantry. When you do decide to dip your toe into the waters of breads, cakes, and pastries, the numbers of different flours can be overwhelming, and using the wrong flour can lead to lackluster results. To help you avoid baking disaster,… read more

Chef’s Table: Pastry

Netflix's Emmy-nominated "Chef's Table" returns on April 13, and this time they are taking a sweet turn with a look inside the world of internationally recognized pastry chefs. "Chef's Table: Pastry" follows four different chefs and their unique specialties. The trailer for this series has me excited! From the official description: "'Chef's Table: Pastry' goes inside the lives and kitchens of the… read more

Tasting Georgia by Carla Capalbo

Award-winning food writer and photographer Capalbo has traveled Georgia collecting recipes and gathering stories from food and winemakers. She brings this stunning but little-known country to life in Tasting Georgia: A Food and Wine Journey in the Caucasus. This title won the prestigious André Simon Award as well as a nomination for an IACP cookbook award. The beautifully illustrated book… read more

Work begins on Modernist Pizza

  It took six years for Nathan Myhrvold to follow up his groundbreaking world Modernist Cuisine with Modernist Bread, which was published last year. You might expect Myhrvold to rest for a bit, but he's already at work on another project titled Modernist Pizza.  In an announcement on the Modernist Cuisine website last Saturday, the team announced that Myhrvold and Francisco… read more
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